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The famous race where every ex-con is invited is now here in the palm of your hands. Win the race and you earn your freedom in this 3D action-packed mobile game called Death Race: The Game. Join the race and try to defeat the other cars by depleting their health gauge. There are 2 sections in the race where you must win to survive: Charge and Combat. You will win cash that you can use to upgrade your car or buy a new one. The game also features Navigators that will help you in the race. See if you can complete each season and defeat the famous characters from the movie itself.



Death Race is an action packed racing game based on the movie starring Jason Statham, the game lets you take on the role of a hardened criminal, and you need to earn your freedom by competing in a race where only one will survive, it’s a kill or be killed kind of race and you’ll be driving pimped out cars that are armed to the teeth, tread your own destiny and take your own fate into your hands, there are 4 game modes available in the game to keep you occupied, like the story mode, the daily races, the ladder mode and the challenges races, all of which were designed to test your driving and battle skills, there are a dozen tricked out cars in the game ranging from sports cars, trucks, SUVs and muscle cars, choose your ride and pack it with the most powerful weapons you can get your hands on, like machine guns, rocket launchers, bazookas, missiles and many more, perform well in the races and earn cash to buy upgrades for your car like weapons, armor and many more, you can also unlock cooler and prettier navigators that will die with you…if you die and lose the race that is.

Graphics and Sound

Death Race has cool and pretty graphics, the game looks quite gritty or grainy but quite okay as the game was designed like that, vehicles are awesome, the designs are totally tricked out and looked really cool with a lot of details in them, environments are great too, the race tracks have nice twists and turns, really designed to test your driving and drifting skills, colors are great, the game looks rather dark and gritty which is nice as it blends well with the theme of the game, animations are also smooth, the moving objects were animated nicely all throughout the game, music and sounds are awesome, the in game music is pretty exciting and has a nice heavy metal beat and the sound effects are cool and realistic, special effects are great too, weapon fire and explosions are flashy and certainly add up to the visual beauty of the game, overall, the game looks really nice when it comes to designs and presentation.


Death Race is a combination of racing and combat with the latter getting the higher priority, you need to battle it out with your opponent, unload everything you got so to speak until his life bar reaches zero, as for the driving, you won’t really be driving the car as it drives and steers automatically but you’ll be in charge of tapping buttons at the precise moment to execute the moves properly, anyway, races will be one on one, if you win, you get cash rewards which you can then use to upgrade your vehicle in preparation for the next race, the level of difficulty will increase as you move up the ranks and you’ll be facing tougher opponents later on so upgrades are really important here, if you don’t upgrade, you’re doomed for sure.


Death Race features cool graphics, the tricked out cars are really awesome, there are 12 in all and they range from cars to SUVs to trucks, there are a lot of weapons available in the game, there are also 4 hot chicks available that will serve as your navigator, and the game has easy controls to make the game more fun to play.


Death Race was quite fun and action packed, but the game is too short and you won’t actually be racing here, you just need to tap the buttons at the right moment and you’re done, it could have been more fun and challenging if you are in total control of the cars.


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Free Death Race Game (Android & iOS)