Death Fall: Stair Crash Test (by Gaming Fever)

Download Death Fall: Stair Crash Test (by Gaming Fever) for Android

Perform the craziest crash test ever throwing cars down from the giant staircases! Tap the screen controlling the speed and mobility of your colorful car, roll over right in the air and damage the car as hard as possible with Death Fall: Stair Crash Test!

Now it’s time to start a crash test experiment! Work for the security company performing crash tests for various cars; test all sorts of stairs and stairways trying to prove how secure every car is! Wreck, smash, destroy and dismount all sorts of cars losing its wheels on the way down! Perform different tricks and stunts, crash into the stair corners, destroy the car and have fun demolishing every part of your vehicle on your way!

The more damage you cause, the more points you earn! Try different stairway locations to show everybody the real power of destruction! Perform amazing stunts and jumps trying to destruct every car with this car crash test simulator made for all tastes and ages! Your mission is to wreck, crash, demolish and destroy with Death Fall: Stair Crash Test!

Earn points for successful crashes and unlock new locations, stairs, obstacles and even skins for your car! Get ready for ultimate vehicle destruction in fantastic stairways! Become the best crash tester ever and have fun!

Death Fall: Stair Crash Test features:
• Cars stairs crash test simulator
• Wide range of different cars and stairs for more fun
• Colorful environment
• Amazing 3D graphics

Try amazing cars crash simulator and break all the details of your vehicle to get maximum points in this crash testing fever! Enjoy demolition fun with Death Fall: Stair Crash Test!

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