Dave – The Miner Android

Dave – The Miner Android

Dave – The Miner
by PlayWay SA . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Dave the ‘gold’ miner is an adventure treasure hunt game for gold rush with jet pack.

Dave’s story begins in an treasure island where Dave got a map leads to start treasure hunt the gold rush. Dave is on the mission to find the gold mine to begin his treasure hunt. Using his jet pack he can fly in the gold mine to collect the never ending gold and Diamonds.
Gold miner has to face the ghost riders in rail and the flying evil spirits. Fly with jet pack to collect all the gold and Diamonds from the gold mine

Use the collected Diamonds to improve your skills and boost up powers to tackle the Ghost riders and flying evil spirits. Ghost riders in rail rush to destroy your health, you can improve it by collect life boosters. Refill your jet pack by collecting jet packs.

Dave the Miner is a game that puts you in control of a prospector looking for gold and diamonds. It’s a game mostly built around timing and you need to collect enough gold to satisfy his quest for gold. Dave the Miner might be the super cool treasure hunt game that you’ve been waiting for.

Dave The miner is the ultimate fun filled gold rush game for kids, boys, girls and for all who like adventure ride. Enjoy collecting Gold and Diamonds.

Control Dave’s movement with the in-game joystick control


-Ingame joystick control
-Super cool graphics
-Classic Gold mine theme
-Engaging Music
-Inapp purchases
-Hours of fun play

Enjoy the jet pack ride to Ultimate Gold Rush and never ending treasure hunt fun game

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