Dark Lands – Hangmans Forest Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

Dark Lands – Hangmans Forest Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Game Apps Free Download

Download Dark Lands – Hangmans Forest Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

Dark Lands – Hangmans Forest Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Free

This is the second area that you need to clear in your Dark Lands adventure, this walkthrough will show you how to get past the traps and obstacles as well as how to battle the enemies featured in the levels. It won’t be easy and it sure is going to be more difficult compared to Titanopolis, watch the video closely and learn some tricks on how to survive this area and go on to the next.

Into The Forest Level

There are a lot of spikes laid out on the ground and a new enemy appears here, it is s giant wasp that swoops down on you for a sting, also, there are archers in this level, they have quite a long range so be ready to dodge their attacks.

It’s Tricky Level

It get challenging in this level, there are a lot of saw blades, bear traps and other obstacles that you need to survive, not to mention those enemies that you need to fight, the flying giant wasps are especially hard to take down as it is in the air and quite hard to eliminate with one blow.

Abyss Level

This part is certainly involves a lot of jumping and double jumping, there are all sorts of traps and obstacles along the way, in the middle of the level, the enemies start to appear so get ready for battle and smythe them with your mighty sword.

Crossing Level

Another challenging level for you to survive, there are a lot of portals that take you back and forth besides those traps and enemies scattered all throughout the level.

Grinder Level

Be careful with those moving sawblades, swinging platforms and spinning blades, they are all over the place and packed quite close to each other, there are also ranged enemies all throughout so be careful when traversing this level.

Deep Forest Level

The obstacles are becoming more complex as they are grouped together and each one is moving in different directions, also, the portals seem to be more confusing, it takes you elsewhere instead of forward. The are also a lot of rolling balls and swinging platforms, not to mention the enemies are more powerful in this level.

Unstable Level

It gets difficult even more, there are a lot of moving obstacles here and a lot of ranged enemies that fire arrows and spears at a distance and also a lot of bear traps positioned in the landing areas, your double jumping skills would be very useful in this level.


As the title suggests, you have some choices here, you can either take the high road or the lower path, both are difficult though as you will face a lot of obstacles and enemies that were designed to take you down for good.

Labyrinth Level

This is quite confusing really as there are a lot of portals that you can use, they are not all very helpful though as some will take you to the more difficult parts of this level, choose wisely.

Corrusor Level

You will be fighting the Totem Keeper for this area, it is a monster pulling a carriage with a monster that throws stones and bombs at you, run after it quickly while dodging what they shoot at you at the same time, then strike them with your sword until you take them down for good.