Dark Lands – Frigid Depths Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

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Dark Lands – Frigid Depths Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Free

Dark Lands is an adventure type endless running game with dynamic combat elements, you’ll be battling evil creatures and monsters like goblins, orcs, evil skeletons and even monstrous orcs, you’ll even face off with big bad ass bosses, and you’ll be battling them while running endlessly at the same time. This walkthrough video will show you how to survive the Frigit Depths which features 10 challenging levels, you’ll see which enemies you will be facing off and the type of obstacles and traps that you will be encountering in this area.

Yeti Level

On the early parts of the level, you will be encountering giant yetis, you can battle them if you want or you can just jump over them to prevent your character from being harmed, beware though as there are bear traps scattered throughout this level, your character might just jump onto it or even step on it. after reaching the end, you clear the Yeti Level.

Deep Level

This level is even tougher, you’ll encounter a lot of obstacles like swinging logs and a lot of spinning saw blades, you’ll also need to use your double jumps as the spaces and gaps are kinda wider, also, the obstacles and traps are quite near each other so you’ll need to be accurate when you make your jumps.

Broken Bridges Level

This part is more of the same, the only difference is that there seems to be more enemies here, like yetis, bats and even skeleton warriors with swords, of course you can always choose to engage the enemies but it would be better if you just evade them or dodge their attacks.

Two Ways Level

This area is trap laden, it require a lot of precision jumping, there are a lot of bear traps, spikes and spinning saw blades, they’re all over the place so get ready for some jumping challenge.

Falling Death Level

This level is also trap laden, there will be a lot of swinging platforms and rolling boulders, they are pretty close to each other and they seem to come out of nowhere, if your reflexes aren’t good enough, you’ll be in trouble here.

Cautious Steps Level

this area is a mix of enemies and obstacles, there are spinning blades and the spinning saw blades seem to be moving a lot like back and forth, and they even appear out of nowhere, the enemies too will attack you constantly, so prepare to defend or attack to survive.

Hack & Slash Level

As the name suggests, you’ll be fighting a lot in this level as there are really a lot of enemies, there are yetis, warriors and even evil birds that will attack you from above so get ready to fight.

Pillars Of Doom Level

This is a very challenging level, you will encounter a lot of traps and obstacles in this level, the enemies and obstacles are very close to each other so it’s going to be hard going through this level.

Faster Level

Run and jump and move quickly as the level suggests use those obstacles and traps against your enemies, push those yetis to the bear traps and spikes, be careful with those swinging platforms though, they appear out of nowhere and will probably catch you off guard.

Orbidus Level

This is the boss level for this area, you will be fighting the Totem Keeper, it is a monster with huge teeth and tentacles, it also shoots laser through its eyes, it will also follow you around so there’s no use running away from it, engage it using your sword until you defeat it for good, it is the only way to survive this level.