Dark Age Android

Dark Age Android

Dark Age by PixelFun Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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On the far desert, an untold legend of the chosen one, the last hero in the kingdom of light to protect this kingdom from the forces of darkness. His duty that given by the great king to serve justice, peace, love, and harmony to the kingdom of light.
Pass couple of month, strange disease started to spread towards people inside the kingdom. Many casualties reported. There is no clue on what causes the plague.
Until one day, the great king had a surprise visit by an unknown gypsy. The gypsy leave a message to the king about his foreseen prophecy that this kingdom will fall and the powerful dark evil demon will soon rise and take over the entire world! The gypsy added, the plague is one of their small awaken effect. The Dark Age will soon begin.
After the message been told, the gypsy vanished and leave the great king in panic. With that prophecies, the king order the chosen one to investigate and prevent from this evil demon from destruction.

Chapter 1
– Dark Age : Soris The Fallen Hero –

Last decade, Soris and the Chosen one, together both was great general hero in the kingdom of light. Born and raise together with the same dream and mission, to be the greatest general hero to serve justice under this great kingdom. They win every battle against enemies.
One day, Dark evil demon approach Soris and promise him this kingdom will be under his command if he join the dark forces. Soris who trapt into dark evil demon promise start to create a great chaos in the kingdom of light.
A great battle occurs between the armies of light and Soris’s battalion. Intense battle occur and leave Soris on the losing side. The chosen one, captured Soris and the king ordered him to lock Soris far beneath the catacomb.
The dark demon approach Soris once again and grant him tremendous strength of the undead to fight back the kingdom. Now, Soris The Fallen Hero has awaken to join the army of darkness with a new undead armies.

YOU as the chosen one, your duty to prevent Soris from destroying the kingdom of light and world peace. Armed with the blessed sword of scimitar and the flame of justice, the dark evil demon and Soris has to be stop!
Join this great thrilling 2D retro-rpg pixel-art style adventure, Dark Age : Soris The Fallen Hero.

Dark Age Features:-
• Unique game system with automated character movement.
• You only need to control potions and skill.
• Side scrolling hack and slash Retro-rpg pixel-art style.
• convenience to enjoy with one hand.
• Implement with unique player battle stats (str,dex,vit,agi,and int).
• Increase your battle stats according your play style.
• implementing repeatable quest system to make your adventure more enjoyable!
• Every bosses drop a new unique skill set. Be sure to get it!
• Dark Age playable without any internet connection.
• New journey,level,enemies,bosses and battle system on further updates! coming soon and stay support!
• Remove ads included with any in-app purchases (internet connection needed).

Require internet connection : yes
Size :

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