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Cubuzzle is a simple, relaxing and addictive puzzle game for those who love Brain Teasers.
Imagine the ultimate Rubik’s Cube game that challenges you to in a number of ways with unlimited variations and gameplay combinations. Swipe and spin the Cube to align the tiles and create a path till the exit portal.


– Soothing and relaxing, meditative music to relieve stress.
– Multiple addictive modes with ever changing and fresh puzzles.
– Record based move count. Can you be the best in the world to use the least number of moves in this Rubik Cube game variant ?
– Soft, slick visually appealing art.
– Challenge yourself across 3 different relaxing gameplay modes with unique puzzles

**** CHROMATIC – the color switch mode where the player has to line up tiles of the same color.
**** GENIUS – For the thinkers and puzzle game lovers. The real genius plans his every move and completes the target with minimal moves.
**** BLITZ – The Time Attack mode for the lightning quick Rubik Experts among us.

– Challenge your friends and family to the Ultimate battle of wits in the HOTSEAT Mode
– Stuck ? Use Gems to change a tile color!
– Share with your friends and fight for supremacy on 72 different leaderboards! Each unique to its level!
– 18 different Achievements to earn to be crowned the King of Puzzle games

Download Cubuzzle – Ultimate Brain Cube

Cubuzzle – Ultimate Brain Cube For Free