Crime Revolt – Online Shooter Part 2 (by Edkon Games GmbH)

Download Crime Revolt – Online Shooter Part 2 (by Edkon Games GmbH) for Android…

The mobile online shooter game awaits you! A game with real players and friends
Compete with players worldwide in the new 3D FPS Crime Revolt.
Create a unique fighter in the latest online shooter and become one of the top best players.
Fun and unique multiplayer, an exciting fight. Download right now for free!

A variety of guns as well as pistols, sub-machine guns, machine guns, shotguns and rare guns for real pros.
Hundreds of items: hats, masks, camo. Complete sets of equipment with bonuses.

Upgrade your favorite guns and armor and make yourself invincible.
Get new challenging tasks and reap various rewards every day.
Variety of modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Capture Points and even Zombie Mode.
Balanced maps of all sizes for different styles of the game: both for snipers and tanks!
Infection Mode: battle with zombies. Or become a huge zombie and start infecting!

Invite your friends, make new acquaintances. Compete with friends to show them who’s the boss.
All your friends and clanmates will see your progress and achievements!

Leagues: earn the top world ranking among the best shooters and get bonuses in battle.
Create your strike squad and fight for a place at the top!
Lead a clan war and show everyone whose team is the coolest.

Crime Revolt is:
Constant updates and blitz events
Modern and bright 3D graphics
Fun and exciting multiplayer
Play in all battle modes for free
Socialize and compete with players worldwide