Cosmic Cry – Tower Defense TD Android

Cosmic Cry – Tower Defense TD Android

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Cosmic Cry is the epic tower defense f2p game for strategy players, fans of Tower Defense TD battle genre and all friends of science fiction and powerful free2play action games!

PLEASE NOTE: In this early access Open BETA version you only can play the first tutorial levels! Please send us feedback, so we can release more content soon!

Note that you can play Cosmic Cry completely free. In order to be able to offer the game completely free of charge, some advertising inserts are shown in the game, which however can be deactivated by a one-time in-app purchase.

What is the game about?
Cosmic Cry plays in the distant future, at a time when humanity has colonized many worlds in outer space. But human civilizations are threatened by an unknown alien power which attacks and destroys the bases of human beings on planets and moons through dimensional portals. You are the independent commander of an orbit defense facility and are hired by the Earth forces to assist in the fight against the alien threat. You are supposed to protect the space colonies of humans on all the different exotic worlds before the attack of the alien creeps and defeat and destroy the creeps, monsters and aliens in the epic fight.
You have high-tech nano-robots and an artificial intelligence on your side with which you can fight the cosmic threat and with the right tactical skills win the cosmic war.

★ Totally 100% free to play!
★ Great Science Fiction Setting!
★ Great HD graphics and sound!
★ Captivating gameplay and story!
★ Sophisticated strategy and tactics!
★ Perfect for fast gameplay, but also longer game sessions!
★ Free-to-play tower offer endless strategy!
★ Perfect classic Sci-Fi Defense Action!
★ High Adventure!
★ Acclaimed 2D Single Player Campaign!

Cosmic Cry brings fresh air into the mobile military tower defense genre. All of the Tower and Weapons in the TD Game are freely placed and bring unimagined strategic and tactical possibilities. Victory or defeat? Decisive are your strategy skills and tactics. Also the time and your fighting spirit are important factors to win successful battles in this space strike war.
Protect and defend the planetary bases in the entire solar system, cosmos and universe from the alien monsters and creeps. Defend your base against attacking alien waves. Survive the madness and experience the fascinating SciFi adventure storyline and unleash the mystery of the attacks in the Kingdom of Humanity in the best Tower Defense TD game ever!

Please note:
The first geo missions of base defense are somewhat simpler and the level of difficulty in the game increases with progress. The game is perfect for casual players who just want to fight a few quick swarm battles while sitting in the bus, train or subway, but also perfect for sophisticated strategists who want to make the best of their own.

In Cosmic Cry there are a variety of different army weapon systems. In addition to plasma geo guns, laser turrets, rocket bases, and energy swarm fields, there are also special weapons such as Flame Guns, Gattling Gun, or Acid Guns that you can tactically wield in the war against the creep attackers.
The use of high-tech nano robots (nanites) helps you to accelerate the construction of the weapons.
Nanites also allow you to use some special tech-tree weapons.

Now go on the fantastic journey into the universe and decide the battle for the future of mankind!
You are the guardian of the galaxy and humanities last hope!

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WELCOME to the first Open BETA of Cosmic Cry!
Please note: Cosmic Cry is still in development and some areas in the game are locked. In this version you can play the full first tutorial levels on the moon.
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