Connect 10 [Android/iOS]

Connect 10 [Android/iOS] Game Apps Free Download

Connect 10 [Android/iOS] Android

Connect 10 byGA Technologies . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Bored swiping candies?
Bored with Match 3 games??
Wanna play cool Math puzzle???

We are here with CONNECT 10 that will challenge your BRAIN…

Welcome to Connect 10, the ultimate game that will test your math knowledge fast and easy. All you have to do is to enter the desired level and reach the target score within the allotted number of moves.

Each level will ask you to score more and more, thus enabling you to think outside the box as you go ahead and play. It’s a delightful, fun and unique experience that you will enjoy. The main purpose of the game is to help Red connect the paths and reach her destination. The way you play is intuitive and easy to understand!

How can you play?

As you play, you will be required to connect numbers that add up to 10. You can even add multiple zeroes if you want to increase the number of blocks you use as you play. You have to find the right approach and interesting idea based on the way you play. You are free to choose the way you play, all you have to do is to reach the target score within the displayed number of moves.

Beautiful theme

Connect 10 comes with a beautiful Red Riding Hood theme, something that makes it enjoyable and refined at the same time. Thanks to the colorful graphics and astounding appeal, this is a great game for kids. Aside from that, Connect 10 will also provide every adult with a good way to brush up his math skills while relaxing.
The game is an enjoyable and fun experience that you will enjoy. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the game, and you are bound to enjoy the unique game play mechanics. Plus, you can also find various bonuses as you play.

Great bonuses

These bonuses can be purchased or you can receive them during your game play session. These will allow you can get a little help, you can use a bomb, or you can even get more moves. Thanks to these bonuses, you will have the ability to play the game the way you want!

With dozens of levels to go through, you will be more than impressed with the unique value and experience delivered here. Not only that, but more and more levels are added periodically. This means you never have to worry about a lack of content, as there’s a whole lot of stuff to be had here. All you have to do is to download Connect 10 right now and immerse yourself in this fantastic experience. Get this game now and brush up or test your math skills!

● Unique math quiz game play
● Multiple bonuses to use as you play
● Dozens of levels to play through
● Beautiful, colorful Red Riding Hood theme
● Spin the Daily Wheel for a Exciting prizes
● Suitable for both kids and adults
● Great soundtrack
● Connect using Facebook and Play from multiple device.
● Leaderboards to watch your friends progress!

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Enjoy playing Connect 10…

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Download Connect 10 [Android/iOS]

Connect 10 [Android/iOS] For Free

Download Connect 10 [Android/iOS] Android