Cockroach Simulator (by Wild Animals Life)

Download Cockroach Simulator (by Wild Animals Life) for Android…

Do you like animal or insect simulators? Check Cockroach Simulator and help a lonely insect to stay alive in a dangerous human household! Just imagine you are an ordinary house roach – sneaky but nice creature – in the house full of aggressive predators, large fearful monsters – humans! Protect your life from humans’ aggression – it will be an epic battle, we promise!

Keep yourself alert – maybe, there are no aggressive insects, such as bees, beetles, spiders or butterflies, but humans at their home are nearby you. So, steal their sweets, cakes, and candies, but avoid being spotted! Get an unforgettable experience of micro world surviving with our Cockroach Simulator game!

Don’t forget to mind your cockroach’s health, energy, water and food indicators to survive – if one of it drops – there is no chance to stay alive! Collect enough resources, earn points by annoying people and upgrade your insect’s skills to be more effective in this epic struggle against humanity! Customize your roach to make it the perfect fighter – or just buy new skins!

Cockroach Simulator features:
Help the cockroach to survive among humans
Avoid strikes to save your life
Use the points to upgrade your roach
Enjoy realistic graphics
Stay alive as long as possible in this hostile microworld

Become the bug from the giant microworld, fight against aggressive humans, stay alive and have fun with Cockroach Simulator game!