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The sea is full of threats that can stop your ruling as pirate king. Show them your powerful skill in battle in this fast-paced mobile game called Clicker Pirates. What you must do here is simply tap on the screen to attack the monsters and other pirate ships. Once you put the enemy’s health to zero, the next enemy will automatically show up. You will get some gold coins for eliminating your sea monsters. Use your earnings to hire new pirate crew members for your ship. Your captain can be upgraded too and unlock different powerful skills. The game also features different locations to explore.

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Clicker Pirates is a fun and exciting role playing game where you need to play as a pirate, recruit and train your crew and sail for the high seas to find and collect loot, treasures, and magical artifacts…it will be an epic quest, and you’re gonna’ have some fun all throughout, you’ll take on the role of the ship captain, and you’ll be sailing and battling enemies in different locations to gather all the loot there is, but first, you need to gather a crew of powerful heroes before you engage the enemies in combat, there are 25 available characters for you to choose from, ranging from swordsmen, voodoo witches, the undead, shark men, and even men parrot!, each one of them having their own set of skills and special abilities that you can use against the enemies, you’ll need to level them up though, with a variety of magical artifacts and weaponry, ranging from the common loot to epic and legendary equipment, because if you don’t, the enemies will annihilate your party for sure…the game also features 5 different worlds for you to explore, each one of them beautifully designed and littered with hundreds of enemies of different classes, so are you up to the challenge?, do you have what it takes to be pirate king and gather all the loot the world has ever seen?, play the game and find out for yourself here in Clicker Pirates.

Graphics and Sound

Game features some cool 2D graphics, it has cartoony character designs with very nice details, environments are quite nice too, Clicker Pirates has different locations that features some nice structure, landscape and many more, the game’s colors are also quite great, they look vivid and sharp and certainly has variety, the game is just bursting with different colors, the animations are also very nice, character movements are quite smooth even when there are a lot of combatants in the game which is really great as it makes the game more exciting to play, the game’s music is also quite cool, a bit engaging actually and certainly adds up to the fun when playing the game, while the sound effects on the other hand are quite bombastic, you’ll certainly hear a lot of explosions and weapon fire in the game, the special effects are pretty too, special visuals associated with combat such as explosions and weapon fire are flashy and looks really pretty, overall, the game is really looking great with its cool designs and cartoony presentations.


Quite easy to play, all it takes are taps to play the game through, you need to tap to navigate on the menu and tap to execute attacks, the faster you tap, the more attacks that you can unleash, and once your enemy has been defeated, you get to keep the loot as a reward, the key here is in the equipment and skills as in most role playing games out there, not just the ship captain but the entire crew as well, you need to level them up as fast as you can as the enemies will really get stronger as you advance through the higher levels.


Clicker Pirates has 2D graphics with cool designs, there are 5 different world you need to explore, hundreds of enemies to battle and tons of loot to collect, the game also uses simple tap controls to play it through the end.


Game is quite simple and easy to play, this would be great to play on the go, check it out, this is really easy and fun to play.


Download Clicker Pirates Game (Android & iOS)

Free Clicker Pirates Game (Android & iOS)