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Clash of Gangster Killer Mafia
It is Real Action game of survivor Mafia gang. It is story of war between two mafia gangs. In this game you have to play role of survivor gangster of American Mafia.

Different Mission
1) Taxi Car : Taxi car Parking + Pickup & Drop Passengers.
2) City Bus Driving : Extremely Drive & Flying Bus in city.
3) Ambulance Driving & Flying : Drive ambulance at Extreme Speed to save life of people.

[ 1,2 & 3 Missions are normal civilian’s job. At Starting stage you can earn some money by completion of these levels. After earning money you can unlock Sports car,Bike, Monobike and other deadly killer guns for some shooting rescue & survivor contract. ]

4) Monobike Driving : Collect all check points and Complete mission. You have chance to ride new Modern vehicle. Drive it perform some hard stunt.

5) Different Sport car : Unlock different Racing cars and perform different type of crime in city & face the difficulty against police car chase. These real sports car has wings racing

6) Car Theft : Still new branded cars from city and transfer to your client. Drive or fly car transportation truck for speedy delivery.

7) Bike Flying : Spend some romantic time with your girlfriend. Go for long drive with her.

[ In 4,5,6 & 7 Mission you can show your Driving & Flying skill ]

8) Fighting : Some fighting levels are included in this game. Be a fighter and fighting with different fighters. Your win and loss chances are depends on your strength & punch power.

9) Sniper Levels : Rescue your Girl Friend & Boss. Kill Police man , Snipe the gangsters etc….

10) Machine Gun Challenges : Challenging Shooting contract with Unlimited ammo n Heavy Machine gun to Shoot all Terrorist & Mafia criminal.

11) Drive Army Tank : Blast opponents military tanks, Sorts & Racing cars, cops car.

12) Missile Launcher : Take contract to destroy particular area according to your job. You have to control the missile by tilt your device

13) Helicopter Flying : Flying Helicopter over city

14) Drive Heavy Bike : Perform Difficult bike stunt & You need to ride on it with extreme speed.

How to play
– At starting stage you have to play Different kind of simple levels and complete them to earn money.
Simple Levels means : Taxi,City bus,Ambulance,bike & Monobike driving & parking levels.
– Fight with citizen & police. Kill them for money.
– Unlock cars, bike & Weapons to unlock Driving & shooting levels
– During your play time you have to take care about diff. powers like
– Shield power : Protected of your Health/life. [ Speed of your Life reduction is depends on shield power ]
– Stamina : You can’t play longer. If your stamina is low.
– Punch Power : Kick & Punch power.
All these powers can increase by collecting star, Diamond & power ball from city.

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