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The city is in danger because of nasty evil robots trying to invade it. Put a stop to these mechanical enemies with your fancy weapons here in City War: Robot Battle. Select a location on the map and try to complete the missions there. The main objective in this platform based runner game is to control your character and try to defeat the enemies that you will encounter. If the boss robots are too strong for you, then you can always check any available upgrades for your character. Not only that, the game also features where you can buy upgrades and cool weapons.

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City War: Robot Battle is a challenging and exciting robot fighting game where you need to control your character and guide it through the levels fighting all sorts of evil robots, there are 3 different locations or cities you need to go through, they are New York, Cairo and Beijing. Each one of these cities feature a variety of obstacles and evil robots that you need to defeat, it will not be easy though as there are a variety of them out there and each one of them packs their very own weapons and will shoot at your character on sight…indeed, it’s going to be tough battling the evil robots. Not to worry too much though as there are 9 types of cool weaponry that you can unlock, there are pistols, shot guns, tesla guns, pulse guns, machine guns, flame guns, laser guns, and even acid guns and rockets…indeed, your character will be armed to the teeth, and if this is still ain’t enough, the game also features some cool upgrades that can make your weapons and your character stronger and more effective in battling the evil robots, besides the weapons and upgrades, there are also some cool powerups featured within the game for you to use. So will you take on the challenge?, Can you cleanse all the cities in the game of evil robots permanently? Play the game and find out.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look great, the designs used in the game are kinda unique with their outrageous and hilarious designs. The robot models you will be encountering in the game are quite wacky when it comes to their designs and looks. The game environments are kinda cool too, each of the different city featured in the game all have their very own designs that set them apart from the others, they have beautiful structures, pretty landscape and even lush vegetation that you can enjoy watching while playing the game. The colors are quite great too, there are a variety of lush colors that really look vibrant and bright adding up to the beauty of the game. Movements and animations are also very nice, the character movements are quick and brisk and quite responsive to the controls while the animation of the non playable characters such as the enemy robots are very smooth and quite fluid as well. music and sound is generally nice, the music is cool and sounds are kinda explosive and has variety. The special effect is also cool, weapon fire is cool and explosions are great. Overall, the outrageous designs and the cool presentations made this game really pretty and nice.


The game is quite action packed, you have to take control of your character to battle all the evil robots in the levels while surviving the different obstacles that you will encounter in the game at the same time and if you do good, you just might meet the boss robots and cleanse the city once and for all. Control is quite easy too, you can slide by pressing the button on the lower left and jump by pressing the button on the lower right side of your device.


City War: Robot Battle features some cool and outrageous graphic designs, there are 3 locations you can explore, 9 cool and powerful weaponry, lots of upgrades and even a number of game changing powerups that you can use. The game also has easy controls for more fun.


It is a very nice game overall and quite challenging too, you’ll need good reflexes to beat this one, check it out…have fun.


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