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Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter Game (Android & iOS) Free

In a city full of chickens, a zombie outbreak has been unleashed wreaking terror to anyone. You will need some firepower to take down all your enemies in this zombie-themed shooting and survival mobile game called Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter. Select a mission on the map and start controlling your chicken warrior. Shoot down all the zombies in the area until you clear the level. There are also extra objectives in each mission that you can complete to earn more gold coins. You can use these coins to get new weapons. The game also features skills for your character that can help you eliminate chicken zombie bosses.

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Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter is a fun and action packed zombie themed game where you need to take on the role of a powerful chicken and fight hordes of zombie chickens…huh!, anyway, the game is the sequel to Chicken Warrior, it has 2x the action and 2x the fun, the story goes that a certain pharmaceutical company has spawned hordes of zombies, they have overrun the city, rendering it in ruins, and it is getting worse, the zombies seem to be evolving, the zombies need to be stopped before its too late, this is where you come in, you need to take on the role of a chicken warrior and battle waves of zombies in different locations to save the city from utter destruction, it will not be easy but you still need to do it because if you don’t, the chicken zombies will ravage everything in sight and burn the city to the ground, no worries as you’ll be armed with a variety of weaponry in your arsenal, 200 in all, not to mention that you can learn up to 40 special abilities that you can unleash against your enemies, but you can’t be too confident though as there are also 100 kinds of zombie chickens that you need to dispose of, they will come in a variety of sizes and some are even wield weapons of their own, so are you up to the challenge?, play the game and find out just how far you can go here in Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter.

Graphics and Sound

Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter has some very nice graphics, the character designs in the game are cool and looks somewhat funny and hilarious, details are also nice, the game has cartoony designs from the characters all the way to the environments, and speaking of the different environments, they look quite varied from one location to another, the game’s colors are also great, they are lush and vivid while the animations are also smooth, the character movements are truly fluid and certainly makes the game more fun to play, music is quite cool too, not really that engaging but still very nice, sound effects on the other hand are truly abundant, varied and kinda bombastic, you’ll definitely hear a lot of battle sounds when the combat starts, special visuals are quite simple in this game, nothing flashy but still nice as the visuals tend to make the game look chaotic, overall, the game is quite pretty, nothing extraordinary but still quite pretty.


Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter is a chaotic zombie shooter where you’ll need to battle hordes of undead chickens, you’ll need to cleanse the different locations with the zombie menace and you’ll need to utilize all your firepower and all your special skills to be able to survive their attacks, controls are very simple and easy to use by the way, there is a virtual stick on the left to control the character movement and the attack buttons are on the right, very simple indeed for everyone to enjoy.


Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter features some very simple but beautiful 2D graphics, gameplay is action packed, there are a total of 200 types of weapons that you can use, 40 special skills to unleash against the enemies, and 100 types of zombies to battle, the game also uses very simple and easy controls to make the game more fun for all.


Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter gave me quite a challenge, it is quite hard if your character is not equipped properly…weapons and skills I mean, check it out, this is fun.


Download Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter Game (Android & iOS)

Free Chicken Warrior: Zombie Hunter Game (Android & iOS)