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One brave chicken warrior will come forth to defeat the chickens who betrayed their kind. Chicken Revolution: Warrior is a simple yet challenging action-packed mobile game with lots of funny twists. The objective here is to control your character and slash all the enemy chickens that will appear on the screen. Once you eliminated all the enemies, the level is then completed. The game also features upgrades for your chicken warrior. Spend gold on different stats to make it stronger. Not only that, you also get to unlock and use special skills. There are also different kinds of weapons as well.

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Chicken Revolution: Warrior is a fun little action packed game where you need to take control of Wattles and battle other chickens to exact your revenge, the story goes that once upon a time, humans and chickens lived in harmony, but one day, the humans got greedy and wanted to have it all, they conspired with other chicken which led to the chickens’ downfall, and now, the chickens are mere slaves to humans, this is where you come in and where the adventure begins, you’ll need to take control of Wattles as mentioned earlier, a very angry chicken, and you’ll need to battle other chickens, particularly those who betrayed their kind and eliminate them for good, it won’t be easy getting revenge as there are a multitude of chickens you need to fight and they’ll also be attacking from multiple directions, each one of the wielding their own weapons and determined to stop Wattles on his tracks, no worries mate as Wattles is also very powerful, he has a lot of attributes and special skills that you can upgrade like Hp, Attack, Speed to name a few, he is also armed with a plethora of weapons and armor, they cost a lot of gold coins though, fortunately, there are a lot of enemies for you to kill and each kill will reward you with plenty of gold, so come on and join the battle, see if you have enough skill and power to defeat hordes of chicken warriors here in Chicken Revolution: Warrior.

Graphics and Sound

Chicken Revolution: Warrior features some cool graphics, the character designs in the game are cartoony in nature but they look rather nice and pretty…a bit funny too, environment is very nice generally, you’ll see a lot of trees, vegetation and others with some very nice vivid colors all throughout, the animation in the game is also nice, not really nigh end but still nice, movements are fine, the main character feels a bit sluggish at first but once speed is upgraded, it becomes brisk and fast, the game’s music and sounds are also great, the in game music has this tune that is quite nice to listen to while sound effect is just right and still cool, special visuals are also pretty, it make look quite cartoony but it still made the game looking quite pretty, overall, simple designs and cool presentations seem to be enough to make this game looking cool and beautiful.


Chicken Revolution: Warrior is an action packed fighting game, you’ll be fighting a lot of chicken warriors all throughout, you’ll be using a wide variety of weaponry and armor, some special skills and more against the enemies, there are also some powerups in the game, they get dropped from the sky via a balloon in a random manner, controlling the game is pretty easy too, there is a virtual stick on the lower left corner of your device to control movement and a couple of virtual buttons on the lower right for some attacks and special abilities, it’s that simple.


Chicken Revolution: Warrior features some very simple and pretty graphics and design, there are a lot of weapons and armor that you can use, there are hordes of chicken to battle and the game uses simple controls for more fun.


Chicken Revolution: Warrior is quite fun to play, the game felt quite sluggish at first but once I got the cooler character upgrades and skills, it became much better and much more fun to play, better check it out if you haven’t done it yet, this is fun.


Download Chicken Revolution: Warrior Game (Android & iOS)

Free Chicken Revolution: Warrior Game (Android & iOS)