Chicken Invaders 5 – Game Walkthrough (Android & iOS)

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Chicken Invaders 5 – Game Walkthrough (Android & iOS) Free




And your chicken meal will have to wait again because these chicken aliens are still on a rampage in invading the planet. Load up all the weapons you have and get ready to blasts more chickens here in Chicken Invaders 5. Maneuver your spaceship and shoot as many enemies as you can. Perform combos and multi-kills to get bonus points. Grabbing those fried chicken legs will also add points. Some chickens will drops special power-ups that will give your ships extra firepower. Don’t forget that you will be able to unlock new weapons and other items too as you progress in the game.



Chicken Invaders 5 is a hilarious action packed shmup game that pits you against the invading intergalactic chickens albeit bent on revenge against humanity for the oppression we have brought to their fowl cousins, anyway, they’re back once again with a more diabolical plan…they intend to block the sunlight, freezing the whole planet thereby killing all life forms on earth, this is where your noble and epic quest starts, you will take on the role of a hero and your task is to travel all over the galaxy and collect pieces of an ancient artifact and save Earth and all the living creatures in it, it’s not going to be easy though as the galactic chickens are numerous in number and quite relentless, they attack in waves that are seemingly unending, but the fate of the whole world is at stake, and if you don’t stop them now, the human race will be doomed and rendered extinct for eternity, fortunately, you’ll have access to ship upgrades, weapons and even game changing powerups to help you out, very effective against those chicken bosses that will surely test your mettle…so come on and play the game, join the battle against the enemies here in Chicken Invaders 5.

Graphics and Sound

Chicken Invaders 5 has pretty graphics as expected, the game is cartoony in style but cute and pretty, the chickens look quite funny too, giving the game a lighthearted atmosphere, environments are nice, you’ll see a variety of galactic location and planets as you scour the galaxy for the pieces of the ancient artifact, colors are great, they look vivid and nice to look at, animations are also cool, everything that moves in the game were animated smoothly, music and sounds are also great, the game soundtrack is nice and cool to listen too and the sound effects that you here in the game are quite explosive, making the battles quite exciting, special effects are great too, the game has soft lighting that’s cool to the eyes and weapon fire visuals are quite flashy, made prettier by the rather dark backdrops, overall, the game is looking great visually, just like the earlier releases.


Chicken Invaders 5 is your typical shmup game where you need to face off with waves of enemies that are seemingly endless in number in fixed attack patterns, but don’t get too confident though as there are really a lot of them and their sheer number is enough to overwhelm you and blast you to smithereens, good thing there are upgrades to your weapons and your ship, there are also some special items that are very helpful, all you need to do is to collect as many keys as possible by killing as many chickens as you can, once you have enough, make sure you get the appropriate upgrade or powerup before heading into the next mission…and then there’s the big bad ass bosses…huge and hard to kill, a tough nut to crack and a worthy opponent.


Chicken Invaders 5 funny cartoony graphics, there are 13 cool weapons available including 2 new ones, each of which can be upgraded to make them more powerful in combat, there are countless number of chickens to face off with and it has simple controls to make your adventure more fun.


Chicken Invaders 5 is basically just like the earlier releases, from designs to graphics and gameplay which isn’t really a bad thing as the game is really fun to play and quite challenging too…I only wish I could finish my chicken sandwich before Chicken Invaders 6 is released..cluck cluck!