Chakra Android

Chakra Android

Chakra by Arimac Digital . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Chackra is a more dynamic elegant continuous running puzzle game. The game design is based on the yoga Chackras. The game play, Character, environment and even colors are based on yoga Chackras.

We wanted to create a game that makes player detach from everything except the game. In physiology this state is identified as flow state. When designing the game we used Fumito Ueda’s Design by Subtraction method. In other words, we have highlighted the core theme of the game erasing any features which don’t support or cloud up the theme.
To balance the difficulty we have used Player-oriented DDA with embedded other words the game will not be boring.

Playing the game is understanding the underlying patterns of the game.

Size : 22 MB

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