Century Siege Android

Century Siege Android

Welcome to the Century Siege! Collect unique cards, unlock ancient arenas, and strategics with unique battle mechanics to attack your enemies and defend your towers!

Century Siege™ is a free, head-to-head mobile battle game set in a universe that blurs the line between myth and reality. Open portals with magic crystals to summon legendary warriors and historical leaders of mankind and use their strengths to reach the arena of the gods. Battle with the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Julius Caesar, Robin Hood and more.

A real-time multiplayer game that lets you battle opponents from all across the globe. Create clans with your friends and battle against each other. (Network connection required)

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– Go head-to-head with players across the globe in real-time strategy battles
– Progress through the ranks by taking the trophies of those whom you defeat
– Collect 50+ cards that summon warriors from across time, build defenses, and cast spells
– Use crystals won through battle to open portals that summon additional forces to grow and upgrade your army
– Unique “General Card” feature – Choose which legendary commander will lead your troops into battle. Each has their own special ability
– Join with friends to create clans, share cards, and build communities
– Strategically construct forces using historical figures such as Genghis Khan, William Wallace, Spartans, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth, Ninjas and more
– Challenge friends and clan mates to private matches to test your strategy and strength. Message each other and trade card donations
– Travel through arenas such as the American Frontier, Camelot, the Mongolian Mountains and more
– In-App Purchases – Buy gems to speed up crystal unlocks and to buy gold. No purchase necessary
– Century Siege™ TV – A battle recording and sharing feature
– Century Siege™ News – An in-game messaging feature to explain updates and live events

Genre(s) : Strategy
Require internet connection : Yes
Size : 85 MB
Date Released : 2018-01-19
Platforms : Android
Developed By : WhataGoober, LLC
Requirements: 4.4 and up

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