Cat home 2048 (VIP)

▶▶▶VIP Benefit : Every none rewarded advertisement will not be shown.◀◀◀
▶▶▶VIP Benefit : Will give the 300 cat coins what is must have for cat adoption.◀◀◀

*Free version :

Give your room to the cats.

▶ Cat Coin
– Easy to play game collecting coin by 2048
– A cat coin that can collects if you just enjoy game
– If you make a high number (2048, 4096, 8192 …), you get more coins!

▶ Cat adoption
– Adopt more than 200 cats! Fill your room!
– The cat will give you help for play 2048!
– Do not need anything else. If you have a cat coin, you can adopt cats.

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