Cat Angel: Match 3 Android

Cat Angel: Match 3 Android

Cat Angel: Match 3 by EM ALL Studio . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Cat Angel: Match 3
A game for people who love cats and puzzles. If you’re a kitty-lover, you’ll enjoy playing the game and feeding your cats. There are hundreds of levels spread across the world map.
The main rule of the game is to match three or more identical pieces in a row. Then the food will fall into the cats’ bowls and make your kitties happy. If you don’t feed the cats for a long time, they’ll get sad.
Cat Angels use tails. This a special game technique that will help you out of many a jam!
Join the Cat Angels, and let’s feed them all!

About the game and game mechanics in cat style:
Purrr!! My name is Cat Angel and I am helping cats all over the world! The dark times have come and our Cat Angel team needs help! It is time to discover the truth about our organization. Let me begin.

From the old times, Cat Angels help cats. We feed them, play with them and help bring up the kittens. By the way, do you know why we need to feed cats?
Firstly, you can hear their stomachs wambling – it means that they want some food! And this is the main reason to feed cats!

Secondly, imagine the situation: you are a cat and you are incredibly tired. The day has just started and you have a lot of things to do. But you have no strength to do anything because even cats can’t do anything to do without food. Even play! It is so sa-a-a-d! Purrr!

Kittens are the third reason. If we feed cats they will be able to care for kittens. Every decent cat care about their children!

Don’t forget about the good mood! If you feed the cat, her mood becomes purrrfect and she purrs! It is really good for health!

And the most important! Imagine, you have fed the cat today. It means that you are really wiz!

Okay, let’s stick to the point. As I have already said, we do not cope! There are lots of hungry cats all over the world. It means, that it is time for you for to make the round-the-world trip. Feed the cats in the village and then you will fly to London, New York, Tokyo – all the biggest cities! I will help you pack your belongings and tell you main rules, that every Cat Angel should know.

Game info

Now you know, who we are and why Cat Angels care about cats all over the world. We do hope that you will join us. Now let’s speak about what you should do.

Your first task is to feed all the cats in the village. You will get the map with first 30 levels, where the cats live.

We will give you a big bag of different food. You will also be able to buy different magic things, that we call boosters (or assistants). They will help you at difficult levels.

And now the most important. You will also get an example of Cat Angel Encyclopedia. There are lots of recipes how to make the tastiest dishes for our tailed friends. Also our Cat the Sage will help you in the village and teach you everything

Game features:
Game rules
To start, just learn the basic rules of the game, features will come later. Our game is a “match-3” puzzle. When you put three pieces of same food in a row, you feed the cat. Cat Angels also have some special skills – our Cat the Sage will tell you more.

Each town has its own music. Simple country music in the village, town music in London!

Each completed level will bring you one, two or three stars. Stars mark your performance. The more the better. Try harder – you are responsible for cat’s good mood all over the world!

Traveling expenses
Cat Angels have their own currency – the gold fish. Shiny things that you will get for completing levels with 3 stars. If you feel the lack of fish, you can visit our shop and buy them.

Good luck, Cat Angel! Now we are the team. Feed Em All! MEOW!

Cat Angel: match-3 – is a free game, but some game elements can be purchased with real money.

If you have any questions, ideas or just want to speak with our team – write us to

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