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Cartoon Wars 3 Game (Android & iOS) Free

Return to the battlefield again and form your best army made from cartoon drawings. See if you still have the wits to make good strategies here in Cartoon Wars 3 – a tower defense mobile game with lots of features. Your goal here is to invade each kingdom and complete all the levels or stage in that section. Be sure to check the units available for your army. Summon them on the battlefield and let them attack the enemy knights. You will win the level when the enemy’s castle is destroyed. AS you progress in the game, you will get to unlock new units to summon.

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Cartoon Wars 3 is a fun and exciting role playing game with elements of strategy and tower defense, it is the third of the series and still is just as fun…probably even more!, the game plays pretty much like your tower defense game where you need to build a tower, train troops and then send them marching towards the enemies to destroy them…that is if the enemy doesn’t destroy you first, it will not be easy as it will require you to manage your resources properly, but it will be a challenge for sure, there are a variety of game modes available for you to play, like team battle, raid, siege and of course the campaign mode…and a lot of troop classes for you to recruit and level up, you can even combine them or evolve them to create a stronger more powerful unit that you can unleash against your enemies, but you can’t be too confident though as the enemies are just as powerful and just as many, and if you can’t keep up with the training and leveling up, the enemies will overwhelm you for sure and destroy your defenses and your tower with it, so come on and join the adventure, see if you have enough skills to survive the enemy onslaught here in Cartoon Wars 3.

Graphics and Sound

Cartoon Wars 3 features some very nice graphics, the artwork has a stickman base but not totally, character designs are nice by the way, they have nice details and look rather cool, designs are varied too, the character even change in looks when they level up or evolve, the environments are also quite pretty, it features pretty structures and cool landscape, foregrounds are pretty, and backdrops are just as nice, the game’s colors are also great, it is bursting with different colors that are vivid and sharp, the animations are also nice, movements are generally smooth, even during the heat of the battle where there are a lot of combatants in the playing field, the game’s music is quite cool too, very nice to listen to while the sound effects that were used in the game were quite varied and abundant, there will be a lot of battle sounds when the game starts, the special effects are pretty too, and although they also look cartoony, they still looked pretty, overall, the game, looks great, quite appealing actually as it is unique compared to most games.


Cartoon Wars 3 is just like your typical tower defense game where you need to build up your defenses, train troops and overwhelm the enemy, it is not really an easy game as the AI is doing exactly the same, it is a race against time actually, and the side who builds faster and upgrade faster will win the battle, there are a variety of game modes available for you to play, and although they play quite differently from each other, they all have one thing in common, you need to overwhelm the enemy by building up troops and strengthening your defenses, controls are easy too, all it takes are taps to play the game to the end.


Cartoon Wars 3 features some cool graphic designs, there are a lot of unit types that you can use and a variety of game modes for you to play, it even has an online support so you can play with your friends on team battles.


Cartoon Wars 3 is quite a challenge to play, you really need to build up quickly and level up quickly, if not, you won’t stand a chance against your enemies.


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Free Cartoon Wars 3 Game (Android & iOS)

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