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Get the best mob that can handle all crazy and dangerous missions. These guys will handle the jobs quickly here in Cartel Kings – a challenging action and shooting mobile game with lots of fun twists. The main focus in this game is to steal things from every part of the city. You will have missions where you will need to steal banks, armored cars, and defeat bosses to get their loots. Not only that, this game also features a system where you can rob other player’s cartels and get their loot. Build your best cartel and make yourself the most dangerous crime family in the city.

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Cartel Kings is a fun and challenging gallery shooting game with elements of resource management, the main task in the game is to guide the Cartel Kings as they blast through the city, fighting a multitude of enemies and big bad ass bosses, with the intent of raking in a lot of cash, cool loot and other treasure, big guns and even bigger guns, it won’t be easy as you’ll need to shoot it out with a lot of enemies but it will be rewarding and fun, you’re going to rob a lot of banks, armored cash that carry cash and many more, you’ll also be armed with a lot of sick weapons, each one of them can be upgraded in many ways, making them more powerful and more effective in taking out multiple enemies at the same time, indeed, it’s going to be a bloody war out there…and if your skills are good enough, you just might make it to the top and rule the other cartels, and if you get bored playing alone, you can always go online to battle it out with other players’ cartels and steal their loot or play co op with other players to achieve a common goal and get cool rewards in the process, so lock and load, get ready to slug it out with the bad guys to reach the top of the ladder here in Cartel Kings.

Graphics and Sound

The game graphics seem nice, the designs are cartoony from the characters to the environments, the main characters also have nice distinct designs which make them quite unique from each other but the enemies look like cutouts due to the visible lines all around them, but it looks nice though, and you really wouldn’t mind at all, environments are cool too, the different location featured in the game feature a lot of cool structures with some nice details, the colors are also great, it is bursting with a variety of colors that makes the game vivid and bright, movements and animation are also cool generally, movements are fluid and controls are quite responsive which is fine really as it makes the combat more exciting and fun, special effects are cool, and although you won’t see anything spectacular, it looked nice enough as weapon fire and explosions really looked quite nice and pretty, overall, the designs may be quite simple but it really looked pretty from start to finish.


As mentioned earlier, the game is a gallery shooter, meaning you won’t be able to move freely, the enemies pops up, you need to eliminate therm as fast as you could, there are a lot of guns available for you in the game, and you can tweak them multiple ways, making them cooler and more powerful in taking out the bad guys, each kill earns you money that you can later use at the shops to buy those insane weapons that you can use against the assortment of bad guys the game will throw at you, the game also features an online support where you can play co op or against other players all over the world.


Cartel Kings features an exciting gallery shooting type of gameplay, there are a lot of enemies and bad ass bosses for you to eliminate, a lot of sick and insane weapons for you to use, a lot of upgrades and it features easy to use controls for more fun.


This is quite fun and a bit challenging but the resources are quite hard to come by, but if you have a lot of money to burn, you can just buy the IAP’s and have fun all the way to the end.


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