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Call of the Mini – Dino Hunter Game (Android & iOS) Free

These mini soldiers are back to fight new enemies. But these enemies are dated back from the prehistoric era in this action and shooting game called Call of Mini: Dino Hunter. Select a section or area on the map and eliminate as many dinosaurs as you can. Each level on the map offers levels with different game modes. Some of these game modes are survival or getting a dinosaur egg. The game also features hundreds of weapons that you can unlock and equip. Your character can also learn different skills that you can use to hunt down bigger dinosaurs on the land.

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Call of Mini – Dino Hunter is a fun and action packed shooting game where you need to prove your worth as a hunter, the story goes that after hiding for so many years, the dinosaurs have suddenly emerged from the ancient forest, and as a descendant from a family of great hunters, you now have to prove yourself and show what your father is expected of you, you need to hunt down those badass dinos and put them down for good, it will be very dangerous but it will be exciting and fun, the game offers 5 cool characters for you to choose from, each one of them having their own unique abilities that you can use, there are up to 50 cool skills that you can develop and use in the 50 challenging and exciting quests in the game, not to mention the 32 sick weapons that you can acquire and 50 special items that you can use to forge and upgrade your weaponry, indeed, your character will be armed to the teeth, don’t be too confident though as there are 32 kinds of savage and primal dinosaurs for you to hunt and kill with 24 badass bosses that will surely test your shooting skills…so are you up to the challenge?, play the game and see if you have what it takes to live up to your father’s expectations here in Call of Mini – Dino Hunter.

Graphics and Sound

Call of Mini – Dino Hunter has very beautiful graphics, it has awesome character designs with very nice details and cartoony looks which makes it quite nice to look at, the 3D environments are also cool, the designs are also pretty and look varied enough so as not to bore you due to repetitive locations in the game, the colors are great, they are generally lush, every character, landscape and vegetation look quite sharp and crisp all throughout, the game’s animations are also very nice, everything is looking quite smooth from the movement of the characters, the firing of weapons and many others, the music in the game is also cool and really very nice to listen to as it ups the excitement when playing the game, while sound effects on the other hand are quite bombastic in nature, the special effects too are quite flashy, weapon effects and explosion look kinda pretty and nice, overall, the game looks quite stunning with its cool character designs and 3D environments.


Call of Mini – Dino Hunter is an action packed shooter where you will go on a variety of quests to hunt down big badass dinos, there are a variety of cool weapons and upgrades for you to use and a lot of special skills to develop and use against the huge enemies, it’s going to be one hell of a shootout from start to finish, controls are easy and fun by the way, it uses the standard dual stick control scheme, the left stick controls the movements of the character while the right stick is for the aiming and shooting, it’s very simple really.


Call of Mini – Dino Hunter features stunning 3D graphics, 5 cool characters to choose from and 32 sick weapons to use against the enemies, there are 32 distinct classes of dinosaurs for you to hunt down and 24 challenging boss fights to test your mettle.


Call of Mini – Dino Hunter is quite fun to play, movements are generally smooth and shooting and aiming is quite accurate, I enjoyed this one a lot, check it out, this is fun.


Download Call of the Mini – Dino Hunter Game (Android & iOS)

Free Call of the Mini – Dino Hunter Game (Android & iOS)