Call of the Mini: Brawlers Game (Android & iOS)

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Call of the Mini: Brawlers Game (Android & iOS) Free

The brawl is on as you take back your town little by little from an army of undead people. Pack up your guns and start shooting here in Call of Mini: Brawlers – a cute yet action-packed 3D mobile game presented by Triniti Interactive. Select a mission on the map and follow the objective given to you in order to win. Move on the area and start shooting the zombies that will appear on the screen. As your character levels up, more weapons will be unlocked. Buy them and upgrade these weapons so you can have lots of firepower against big zombie bosses.

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Call Of Mini: Brawlers is an action packed zombie themed adventure game where you are going to take control of the minis, one day, a nuclear power plant had an accidental radiation leak, it caused mutations and people to behave in a different way, they seem to have developed an insatiable appetite for flesh and grains, they have become zombies, and as one of the non infected, it will now be your job to blast the zombies to pieces and eliminate the threat for good…so lock and load and get ready slug it out with the zombies, there are tons of weapons that you can use, ranging from pistols, shotguns, bazookas, grenade launchers and so much more, each one of these weapons come with their own upgrades, making them more powerful and effective against the brain eating threat that roams the streets, but besides the weapons, there are also cool powerups that can be used like health and a lot more, it’s going to be bloody indeed but it’s going to be really fun battling the zombies, but don’t be too confident, as there are different types of zombies you need to battle and some of them are really tough, so don’t waste your bullets and make every shot count here in Call Of Mini: Brawlers.

Graphics and Sound

Awesome graphics, that’s what the game has to offer, the character models are presented in a cartoon style artworks that looks like lego bricks but really pretty, the characters in the game have very nice details and although they are small, they look really cute with their big heads and small limbs, the environments too are great, the different locations presented in the game have their own designs where you’ll see a variety of structures, the locations are also quite dark most of the time making the colors used in the game much more pretty, everything really looks crisp and sharp, animation and movements are also quite smooth, the zombies move nicely while the main characters are quite responsive to the controls, in game music is great, and the soundtrack is quite exciting and intense making the game really cool to play while the sound effects are pretty realistic and explosive, there is much variety when it comes to sound effects, special visuals on the other hand are truly awesome, the weapon fire and explosions are flashy and bright due to the rather dark environments, overall, the game really looks awesome, designs are great and so are the presentations.


The game is an action packed shooter, and a frantic one at that, and as such you will be shooting a lot of zombies left and right, once the level starts, you will be attacked in all directions and if you are not well equipped, you’ll be overrun for sure, not to worry as you can actually equip up to 4 weapons in your arsenal, and you can cycle through them any time you want, not to mention those game changing powerups that you can use, control is also fairly easy to use, the directional arrows on the left is for character movement and the action buttons are all on the right.


Call Of Mini: Brawlers features some great looking graphics and character designs, sfx is also quite stunning, there are tons of weapons that you can use, lots of upgrades and special powerups, the game also has simple and responsive controls to maximize the fun.


This is really fun, I totally enjoyed the action packed gameplay, there are really a lot of zombies to kill and a lot of weapons to use.


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Free Call of the Mini: Brawlers Game (Android & iOS)

Call of the Mini: Brawlers Game (Android & iOS) Android

Call of the Mini: Brawlers Game (Android & iOS) iOS