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Call of Mini: Zombies 2 Game (Android & iOS) Free

The zombies are back again and our cute soldiers needs to survive another night full of these undead monsters. Call of Mini: Zombies 2 is a cute shooting mobile game where the mission is to eliminate wave after wave of zombies in each map. Select a mission on this map and see if you can complete the objectives needed. Don’t forget that there different kinds of zombies that has unique abilities. Be prepared with your weapons and make sure you are equipped with the right ones that can knock out zombie bosses. The game also features a co-op system where you can join other players.

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Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 features an exciting arcade type zombie shooter where you will be fending off against waves of zombies that are trying to ravage and take over the city, the zombies are everywhere and are attacking the city in all directions, this is where you come in, you need to take control of a character, save the city from the zombie menace, and end the chaos once and for all, it’s not going to be easy but it sure is going to be fun going head to head with these vile abominations, there are 5 cool characters for you to choose from, each one of them having their own primary and secondary weapons, they are Joe Bio, Hubert, Mike, Hardy and Dr, Galen, there are also a total of 8 beautifully designed locations for you to explore, with 10 distinct zombies that you need to fight, not to mention those boss battles you need to survive, indeed, you’re going to have your hands full when the game starts, no worries though as there are also 10 deadly weapons that you can use and each one of them designed to dish out maximum damage against the enemies, are you up to the challenge?, gear up and get ready to face the zombie apocalypse here in Call of Mini™ Zombies 2.

Graphics and Sound

Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 has very pretty graphics, the character designs that were used in the game are awesome, the characters are cartoon like but they really look pretty with their large heads and small bodies, details are nice too, not the finest there is but still nice and pretty, the colors are great, the characters and the environments are vivid and sharp and makes the game look nicer, the environments are also very pretty, the different locations in the game feature some cool and distinct designs that are really very nice to look at, the animations are great by the way, the character movements are smooth making the game really exciting and fun to play, the game’s music and sound effects are also awesome, the game’s soundtrack is very engaging and kinda excites you when you play the game while the sound effects such as the weapon fire and explosions are bombastic, the special effects in the game are very nice too, weapon fire have very nice visuals and so is the lighting effects used in the game, overall, it really looks pretty, when it comes to designs and presentations.


Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 is quite action packed and fast paced, there will be a variety of mission objectives you need to complete in every level but all of them have one thing in common, you’re going to kill a lot of zombies, you will start out easy but it will eventually get tougher so better save up on in game currency and buy the cooler weapons and their upgrades as it is best to go on the front lines with those powerful weapons in your arsenal, the controls are fairly simple and easy to use by the way, there is a virtual thumbstick on the left to control movements and on the right are the action buttons.


Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 has very pretty visuals for you to enjoy, there are 5 characters for you to choose from, with 10 deadly and powerful weapons that you can use, it also has 8 beautifully designed locations and a total of 10 menacing zombies you need to fight.


Call of Mini™ Zombies 2 is really fun and exciting, I enjoyed the action packed gameplay here, there are lots of weapons to choose from and a lot of zombies to kill, try it, this is fun.


Download Call of Mini: Zombies 2 Game (Android & iOS)

Free Call of Mini: Zombies 2 Game (Android & iOS)