Bullet Craft: Gun Maker

Look, here we produce the finest weaponry in the country. It’s not quite science, not quite art, it’s more like advanced craftsmanship.

Swipe to push all the gun blocks to one side of the board, and merge tiles of equal value. If two blocks merge, they get upgraded into a higher tier weapon, up to the maximum 2048 tier.

It’s not just about skill either, it’s also about your crafting speed: every custom gun order you finish on time will give you stars. If you’re late, the board will reset back to the start. We call that dynamic crafting.

Now this is not an assembly line, this is not a factory, it’s a proper gunsmith: you will craft and unlock all your guns and bullets, up to level 2048.

You will smith legendary guns, and make them your own: it’s all modded, custom weaponry here – you won’t see those coming out of your average plant.

Travel from board to board with increasingly complex crafting grids and merge upgrade trees, to craft and refine your guns. From wooden flintlocks to the most modern of machine guns, you will produce enough small (and big) arms to fill an entire armory. Your warcraft armory.

Welcome to the gunsmith factory. 💣

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