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I hope the winds treat you well because you are about to blast your way to new heights. Bullet Boy is a cool 3D mobile game that will test your reflexes as you fly from cannon to cannon. The main objective here is to build the mysterious statues and you can get the pieces by finding them in different levels. You must launch Bullet Boy carefully from the cannon and make sure you get to the next cannon. Miss these cannons and you will fail the level. There are also birds and even tornadoes that can hurt your character so you better watch out!

Android – https://goo.gl/UEx6BR
iOS – https://goo.gl/B0Fe6j


Bullet Boy is a fun and exciting arcade type game where you need to traverse a beautifully designed floating world, you need to take control of the Bullet Boy, firing your character from one cannon to another…yeah, you’re the ammo in the game, there are 60 challenging levels for you to play by the way, each one of them feature fast paced action where you need to fire up the cannons and land on another one, the cannons are also angled differently, some are even stationary but some do spin making it really hard for you to aim, it won’t be easy as you’re going to need flawless timing here, but it’ll be fun indeed, there will also be a lot of obstacles in the levels, there are birds that you need to dodge and evade, weird machinery, spinning blades, even tornadoes and many more, truly, it’s going to be a wonderful adventure across the floating world, perfect timing is all you need here as the levels gets chaotic when the game starts, so come on and join this wonderful adventure across the floating world, test yourself and see if you have what it takes to beat all 60 levels of it here in Bullet Boy.

Graphics and Sound

Bullet Boy has very nice 3D graphics, the designs are cartoony from the characters that you will see in the game all the way to the different environments the game has to offer, the different locations in the game also vary when it comes to designs, especially when it comes to the backgrounds, everything just looks pretty and nice, the animations were also quite cool, the movement of the different characters are quite smooth making the game really exciting to play, and so are the other moving parts that you will encounter when you play the game, music and sounds are awesome, the in game music is quite engaging adding to the fun factor while it is being played, the sound effects are also cool as they are varied and quite bombastic, you’ll certainly hear a lot of sound effects as you play the game, special effects are also great, the game has very nice explosions and so are the other special visuals associated with the other objects in it, overall, the game looks really pretty, the cartoony design is quite appealing too.


Bullet Boy is really fast when it comes to gameplay, it gets chaotic even, if your timing in the game is off, you’re not gonna’ get too far here, the game also features a lot of powerups that you can use to make your experience more fun, you should use them accordingly as the levels are really quite challenging and you’ll need all the help you can get just to survive, it will start easy but it will eventually get harder as you move up the levels, the game has easy controls by the way, all it takes are taps to play it to the end.


Bullet Boy features cool 3D graphics, there are 60 challenging levels for you to play and beat, it has a couple of game modes that you can play, like the story mode and the survival mode, it features some cool powerups that you can use in the game, it has a fast paced gameplay, and the game features very simple controls for everyone to enjoy.


Bullet Boy is quite a challenge really, the levels are quite hard to beat, timing is really the key to this game as a slight delay in taps will send the bullet boy to his doom.


Download Bullet Boy Game (Android & iOS)

Free Bullet Boy Game (Android & iOS)