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Relive the thrilling action of war and fight for your country. Join the other men fighting for freedom here in Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War. You will accept different missions here with certain rules you must follow. You will have the air or support from your other brothers in arms. Be sure to hid your character behind boxes or any object to avoid getting hit. Your brothers can use skills that will help you eliminate the enemy soldiers, tanks, and planes. You can also arm your character with a variety of guns that you will unlock as you progress in the game.

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Brothers In Arms 3 is the third release of the hit game of the same title, it is an action packed combat shooter and is set in World War 2, it can be played in single player and multiplayer battles, the single player lets you take on the role of Sgt. Wright and you need to help him through 6 campaigns from Paris to Berlin, there are a variety of enemies for you to kill, each one of them intent in killing you, but no worries though as there are lot’s of support that you can get, there are your brothers in arms to help you out, each one of them brothers have their own unique abilities and special weaponry, most of them are locked though, and you have to unlock them first before you can use them in battle, there are quite a number of weapons that you can use too, like knives, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, machine guns, bazookas, flame throwers, grenades and many more, it’s going to be a difficult journey indeed and you’ll be in the middle of it all, taking command of your squad right at the tip of your finger tips, so what are you waiting for, lock and load and get ready to slug it out with the enemies, swing the tides of war in your favor and save the world here in Brothers In Arms 3.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in the game are truly awesome, the designs look simply amazing and very realistic, character details are very high too, which makes the characters life like, you’ll see a lot of variety in the troop designs and enemies as well, the environments are also great, you’ll be seeing a lot of ruined structures and war machines, details are also very high and designs are really varied, each one of the different locations presented in the campaign have their very own unique looks that sets them apart from each other, colors are also great, they are generally vivid and sharp all throughout the game, movements and animations are also very cool, the movement of the characters are very responsive to the controls and the animations of the non playable characters are also great, music is also nice and quite absorbing while the sound effects are quite awesome, the explosions and weapon fire are truly explosive that there is never a dull moment in the game, special effects are also splendid, explosions are pretty and so are the weapon fire in the game, overall, the game truly is spectacular, it has awesome designs and cool environments.


The gameplay has a cover based element in it, meaning you’ll be ducking and shooting simultaneously to take out the enemies, if you stand in an open space too much, you’ll be hit with enemy fire very often, you won’t be fighting the battle alone by the way, you’ll be accompanied by your own squad, you’ll start with one companion while gaining more troops as you play along, controls are also fairly simple and easy to use, there is a virtual stick at the left side of the device for movements and on the right side are the action buttons.


Brothers In Arms 3 features stunning graphics, it has some awesome character and environmental designs, there are tons of cool weapons that you can use, upgrades and even units with their own unique abilities, it also has very simple controls for maximum fun.


Great game, I enjoyed the combat, the controls are quite responsive too and the levels are moderately long…depending on your skills of course, check it out, this is fun.


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