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The aliens have won and they are eliminating those what’s left. Make sure they don’t catch you in this fast-paced and action-packed 3D mobile game known as Breakneck. The mission here is to get away from the aliens and get the farthest distance possible in just one drive. Maneuver your cool ship and avoid the obstacles that you will face along the way. The aliens can catch up so you better charge up your boost gauge by getting near the walls. The game also features awesome kits that lets you customize your ship. Explore different worlds too as you try to enter each zone.

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Breakneck is an intense and fast paced racing game with elements of an endless runner…or flyer, the story goes that an alien invasion has ravaged the world and is now being occupied by them, being one of the few survivors in this ravaged world, you need to master your speeder and try to escape from the aliens who are trying to pursue and capture you, you’ll need to fly for as long as you can, deep into unknown terrains and alien territories, dodging a variety of obstacles along the way and evading the pursuers for as long as you can, it’s going to be difficult as the terrains you wil be flying on are peppered with hazards and dangers, and if your character dies, it’s game over for you, no worries though as there are a lot of in game help that you can get, like those ship boosts and ship upgrades that can be unlocked as you play the game, and those cool kits that you can collect to customize your ride, it’s going to be tough but it’s going to be fun indeed, so come on and check out the game, hop in to your ship and let it fly across rough and tumble tracks here in Breakneck.

Graphics and Sound

Breakneck has spectacular graphics, the designs in the game are truly awesome, the ship looks really cool and futuristic, it has very nice details too, it looks really pretty no matter how you look at it, the environments are awesome by the way, it has very nice terrains and cool alien structures that are practically strewn all over the place, the level changes daily by the way which is great as it gives the game a high replay value, the colors are great too, they are vibrant and really sharp, they are cool to the eyes and very nice to look at, the animations, sad to say are kinda sluggish, not all the time though, maybe the game is too graphic intensive and needs the latest devices to be played properly, the game’s music and sounds are very nice, the game’s soundtrack is awesome and really very nice to listen to while the sound effects that were used in the game were quite realistic, the special effects are stunning too, the explosions are great and so are the lighting in the game, overall, the game really looks great, it has very nice designs all throughout.


Breakneck is just like most endless runners out there where you need to cover the farthest distance possible before dying, the runs will start out easy and fun but it will gradually pick up speed and the obstacles will pop up more frequent making it more challenging and harder to evade, there are a lot of cool powerups in the game however, and if you use them accordingly, you’ll cover a lot of distance for sure, what’s cool about the game is that the tracks changes everyday so it’s really very hard to master it, controls are simple and easy by the way, and it’s just like every other endless runner out there.


Breakneck features spectacular graphics and designs, the terrains changes daily giving you a new track design everytime, there are a lot of cool powerups in the game and some collectibles too, and the game uses very simple controls to make it more fun for everyone to play.


Breakneck is quite fun and challenging, and it is also very pretty graphically, I enjoyed this one a lot, check it out if you haven’t played it yet, this is really so cool.


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