Breakers : Dawn of Heroes Android

Breakers : Dawn of Heroes Android

In Breakers, experience an immersive campaign with fluid touchscreen controls designed to give players the freedom and joy befitting an action role-playing game. Control your hero using just two fingers for a comfortable yet challenging experience in both single-player and multiplayer game modes. Choose the perfect hero and enhance their abilities to awaken their hidden powers. Experience the expansive single-player Story Mode, play with friends in Co-op Quests and even compete with other Breakers in exhilarating 1v1 and 3v3 battles in the Arena.

Discover the world of Breakers as you embark on your journey in the Story Mode. You will join a group of high school students known as the Breakers who come together to investigate mysterious occurrences around the city. Don’t underestimate the power of these young heroes, as each possess powerful abilities capable of defeating mighty foes! Enjoy the extensive campaign supplemented with performances by Japanese voice actors!

Daily Rewards – Log in and participate in Daily Quests to receive rewards that will help make your heroes even stronger!

3v3 Casual and Ranked Modes:

Exhilarating Battles – Participate in 3v3 matches competitively or casually in the Arena through Casual and Ranked battles! Gather your friends or meet new allies and compete online to defeat your opponents in Ranked! Test out newly acquired heroes, or practice using your existing ones in Casual and show your opponents what it takes to be part of the Breakers! Rank up and become the strongest Breakers team in these exciting PvP modes!

1v1 Casual Mode:

Up for a Duel? – Compete with an opponent 1v1 and show off your individual skill! Show them who’s boss, or just battle for fun!

Customize your characters through a variety of methods!

Enhance Equipment – Enhance your equipment to give your hero an edge against the enemy!

Hero Awakening – Awaken your heroes and unleash powerful new abilities to defeat your enemies in the Story and Arena Modes!

Unlock New Heroes – Discover and unlock incredible new heroes, then strengthen them further by enhancing their equipment and awakening their potential!

Genre(s) : Role playing
Subcategories : Action RPG
Require internet connection : YES (Online)
Size : 50 MB (APK)
Date Released : 2018-01-24
Platforms : Android
Developed By : CyberStep, Inc.
Requirements: 4.4 and up

Google Play download URL:…

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