Boulder Rush [Android/iOS]

Boulder Rush [Android/iOS] Game Apps Free Download

Boulder Rush [Android/iOS] Android

Boulder Rush by Tivola . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Hammer and pickax at the ready, and start digging! Pick your favorite dwarf with one of five special abilities and dig your way deep into the dark mine to save all the poor animals! On your way, you can collect coins for even more fun and cool items!

Prove your skills with the pickax and save cute animals
Owls, koala bears and dragons – animals from all over the world have gotten lost in the dark mine and are counting on your help. Grab your hammer and pickax and start digging so that they can live again in freedom. Tip: Use tricky combos when destroying the rocks to reach your destination!

Rescue the animals, upgrade your dwarf and use handy items
Unicorns, bunnies and sheep shouldn’t be waiting forever, right? That’s why you can collect coins while digging and use them to unlock more dwarves and items! See what happens when Eldur uses his dynamite, or when some rocks drop on Gunnar’s head.

Venture deeper into the mine but don’t forget your lettuce!
Since your Viking dwarves are all strictly vegetarian, they’ll need some fresh lettuce to maintain their digging strength. Don’t forget to collect some lettuce as you dig deeper or else your dwarf – otherwise things soon won’t be looking so rosy for your dwarf!

★ Become a funny dwarf and rescue all the animals in danger!
★ Destroy rocks, collect coins and don’t forget to find a lettuce from time to time!
★ Choose between five different dwarves with special abilities
★ Look at your personal album to take another look at all the animals you’ve rescued
★ Challenging digging fun from Tivola

It’s digging time! Pack your pickax and follow the dwarf into the depths of Boulder Rush!

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Require internet connection : NO
Size : 275 MB

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