BonVoyage! is a drag tile puzzle game variation where you need to drag tiles to reconstruct path for stranded knights in levels varying in gameplay rules and complexity. Engage in a beautiful cartoonish style and beat the best scores. Help lost heroes find their way home!

Key features:

Challenging campaign with 70+ levels

30+ free DLC levels

Level generator for endless replayability

Hard mode for more challenge

Collect achievements

Beat others in leaderboards

Two visual modes: sunny day or spooky night

Localization: English, Deutsch, Français, Česky, Slovensky

Inspired by the childhood toy puzzles with reconstructing image by tile dragging with only one space free this game tries to reimagine the premise and play with new twists and variations making it as diverse as possible. Full 3D experience, rotate camera to view levels from a different perspective.

Experience the puzzles in an AR perspective. Put them on your table and look around to find the solution like in a desktop game! (optional, on supported devices).

* Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council

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