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What is BoardyJump?
Not just another mobile game.

BoardyJump is a free Indie Arcade Mobile Game designed with a playful, cartoony style.

The game is filled with zany animal and sweets characters that will test their athletic skills in a

frantic race for food and, inevitably, glory. It’s an addictive side-scrolling swipe game that has

the player almost as entranced as the insatiable creatures they play.

Ravenous racers.

All the characters think about is one thing, FOOD. They want to eat as much as they can! And

as the player navigates them toward victory, they fill up on their favorite craving and…they

transform! They continue morph as their food lust grows becoming zanier and zanier versions of

themselves, finally getting to their last transformation and winning the race!

Unsteady Player One.

By playing, people will get to let loose and be a little crazier than they normally get to be. I

mean, who wouldn’t want to be a crazed popsicle on an ice cream binge! Right?!

And with so many crazy little critters, you’ll want to collect them all.

Endless variety.

With the unique design of the game, each character is different, and loveable, and every time

you play and win, they will all love you.

Play them, bring them to the podium, they will love you for it.

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