Blocky Snakes (by RebelApes)

Download Blocky Snakes (by RebelApes) for Android…

Why did the snake cross the road?
Wait, that’s another story…

But now, get ready to hop into the world of the BLOCKY SNAKES!

A funny, challenging 3D snake game, where you can relive your memories with a classic hit!
Slither through your way in a maze of obstacles!
Eat fruits and frogs to be the biggest snake and gain more score!
Dash through breakable blocks, deactivate traps!
Collect coins and play with the Snake Crane to win new characters!

– Lovely lowpoly – blocky styled 3D graphics
– Endless labyrinth – blocks to slither through with your snake
– 16 snakes you can collect
– 5 map themes
– Two fun and challenging Game Mode

– Touch to Turn or Dash for faster movement
– Eat the best snake snacks, Fruits and Frogs
– Catch Butterflies
– Pick up Powerup Items
– Avoid obstacles
– Dash through Blocks
– Deactivate traps
– Collect Coins to play the Snake Crane
– Win New Snakes



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