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Enter a magical world and fight hordes of monsters that are trying to conquer your land. Join your heroes in their quests here in Blades of Brim – a run and jump mobile game from the same creators of Subway Surfers. The main focus here is to keep your character alive for as long as possible as he or she runs on the track. The game features lots of weapons that you can obtain along the way. These weapons can be upgraded to deal more damage against enemies. Not only that, you also get to unlock other legendary heroes that can help you in your journey.

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Blades Of Brim is a fun and challenging endless running game with elements of combat, you need to take control of a hero and battle the invading enemies called Goons, and if you’re good enough, you just might save Brim from utter destruction, the game features a number of legendary heroes for you to choose from, each one of them can be unlocked as you progress through the game, there are also tons of cool weaponry available, a collection of epic armor, and even mystical pets that you can summon to help you out…not to mention those cool and game changing powerups available at your disposal, indeed, you’ll be well armed against the invading creatures…you can’t be too confident though as the evil creatures are numerous and they are intent on stopping you on your tracks, and if you’re not too careful, they’ll stop you on your tracks for good, there are also a variety of obstacles you need to worry about besides the nasty evil creatures, you need to jump, slide, go left or right to evade them, collect a lot of coins in your runs so you can get those special items and upgrades at the shop, are you in for the challenge?, can you evade those obstacles and eliminate all the enemies as you fight your way through the enemy ranks?, play the game and find out.

Graphics and Sound

The game looks very pretty, the character design is truly splendid, from the heroes to the evil monsters and creatures, they all look really cool, details are also high and designs seem varied enough, the game environment is also great, you’ll see a lot of different structures, vegetation and even landscape as you make your runs through the game, the game’s colors are also great, there are a wide variety of colors for you to see and all are quite vivid and sharp making the game look bright and clean, it is very nice to look at indeed as everything is really soft to the eyes, the movement and animations are great, non playable characters have simple but cool animations and executed in a fluid manner while character movements are brisk and quite responsive to the swipe controls, music and sounds are great, the game’s music is pretty exciting and the sound effect is good enough and quite varied, special effects are quite cool by the way, the special visuals associated with weapons, abilities and powerups look really nice and pretty, overall, everything seems to look great when it comes to design and presentation.


I plays like Subway Surfers, the only difference is that a combat element is mixed to it, and as such, you’ll be fighting enemies that pop up in front of you besides jumping and sliding, and just like every endless runner out there, you’ll need to collect a lot of coins to be able to get the other characters, weapons, and even powerups, , the good thing about this game is that it is checkpoint based, you get to keep all that you have collected and deposited to your stash once you get past the checkpoints.


Blades Of Brim features some very nice graphic designs and presentations, there are a number of cool heroes available for you to use, lots of weaponry, upgrades and powerups that you can use in the game, and it uses simple swipe controls to play.


Very nice game, but there’s nothing new here really, if you are into endless running games, you should definitely check this one out, you’re going to have fun here for sure.


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