Battle City 2.0

Battle City 2.0 is a remake of a console game released in 80s of XX century. We did our best to recreate that epic game in a new way preserving all the details.

The Game includes:
– All 35 Original levels
– All Six Original power-ups PLUS two extra power-ups
– All the Tanks are modeled according to the original 2D prototypes
– Recognisable music and sound effects recorded using an Electric Guitar and Synths
– Local multiplayer (Gamepads required)

We also developed FOUR modes for you:
1) Classic Mode – Just as it was back then in 80s
2) Advanced Mode – Same as previuos one but has two extra Power-Ups 😉
3) Crazy Mode – The enemies now can use Power-Ups! Whatch out!
4) You will be dead – Even more crazy mode. Try it! :))

Custom Mode coming soon!


Download Battle City 2.0 for free

Free downloadBattle City 2.0 :