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These guys thinks that you no longer have the skills to get a homerun. They will pay for that and you will need some back up in this challenging puzzle and physics mobile game called Baseball Riot. What you must do here is simply hit the baseball hard and hit all the umpires, fans, catchers, and other dudes who hate you. If all of them are knocked out, you will win the level. Be sure to aim carefully because you only have a limited amount of baseballs to use. If you lose all the baseballs, the game is over for your batter.

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Baseball Riot is a funny and hilarious game where you will take on the role of baseball’s legendary star athlete Gabe Carpaccio as he seeks to destroy Explodz and his former baseball team mates, Explodz and his team mates once conspired to end Gabe’s baseball career, and now it’s time for them to suffer the consequences of their actions, this is where you come in, you will be taking on the role of Gabe and travel across the country seeking vengeance against the people that ended your career, there are 8 regions you need to explore totaling more than 100 challenging levels for you to beat, each one of them will require you to knock down or eliminate the bad guys, it won’t be easy as the bad guys are varied and have their own unique abilities, like the catchers that has the ability to catch the ball and the umpires that wear protective clothing, not to mention the platforms that serves as obstructions, exploding crates and many more, vengeance is sweet indeed, and you’ll savor every second of it…so come and play the game, see if you have what it takes to beat all the levels in the game here in Baseball Riot.

Graphics and Sound

Baseball Riot features very simple cartoony graphics, the characters presented in the game have this funny look which makes therm look rather nice, details are nice too, although the characters look kinda small, the environments that were used in the game were also pretty, the foregrounds are made up of platforms of varying designs while the backdrops are the silhouettes of different cities, the colors are great by the way, there certainly is variety when it comes to the colors used in the game, the animations are quite smooth too, the movement of the ball and the different characters in the game have very nice animations which is really cool as it makes the game fun to play, the soundtrack and the sound effects that were used in the game are also quite cool, the game’s music although not really memorable sounded nice, while the sound effects in the game were varied enough so as not to get you bored when you play the game, the special effects are quite pretty, although they are really quite simple, they still managed to contribute to how the game looks, overall, the simple graphics and designs were quite okay for this type of game.


Baseball Riot is a baseball game but not really a baseball game…duh!, basically, what you need to do here is to knock out all the baddies in the game, they are made up of catchers, umpires, former team mates and many more, you need to eliminate them by hitting them with a baseball, after completing the task for the level, you will be rated up to 3 stars, 3 stars being the highest rating, the game is quite fun but not really that easy, more often than not, you need to make the ball bounce off other objects to be able to hit your target.


Baseball Riot has very simple and cartoony graphics, the character designs look funny and hilarious, there are more than 100 levels in the game covering 8 regions with their very own stadiums and the game has very simple and easy to use controls to make it easier and more fun for everyone to play.


Baseball Riot is a very nice game, I really enjoyed hitting all the bad guys with the ball, and it is quite a challenge too, check it out, this is fun.


Download Baseball Riot Game (Android & iOS)

Free Baseball Riot Game (Android & iOS)