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The Bad Piggies are now creating a new plan to get the eggs of those angry birds. Create the best vehicle to accomplish their plans and help the bad guys this time here in Bad Piggies. The main objective here is to create a vehicle for the Bad Piggies using limited amount of materials on each level. This vehicle should reach the finish line to acquire the map. The vehicle should protect the pigs are old the level will fail. As you progress on the higher levels, there will be more pigs needed to reach the finish line and more crazy materials to use.

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Bad Piggies HD is a fun filled and exciting adventure where you need to transport the bad piggies to their destination, yup, instead of the angry birds, you now need to help the bad piggies put their plans into motion, the story goes that the bad piggies are at it again, but as usual but as usual, their plans isn’t progressing accordingly, this is where you come in, you need to build them some constructs to transport them to their destination at the end of the level, the game features over 200 levels of flying and crashing fun, of which 40 special levels can be unlocked by getting 3 stars in the levels, it won’t be easy but it’ll be fun, there are a total of 42 different materials that you can use throughout the game, each one can be used to create your own construct of any design, just make sure it flies though, or else it will crash to the ground and you fail the level, they range from motors to fans, wings, balloons, umbrellas and many more, not to mention there is a mechanic pig that can help you out in your task, so come on and join this wonderful and exciting adventure, help the bad piggies get to their destination here in Bad Piggies HD.

Graphics and Sound

Bad Piggies HD has stunning graphics, the designs are are cute as ever, the bad piggies look just like the bad piggies you have grown to love over the years…or hate, the designs are cartoony by the way, with very nice details, the environments in the game are also nice, the different locations feature different designs, they have very colorful foregrounds and backdrops, the colors presented in the game are very nice to look at, they are crisp and sharp which makes them kinda soft to the eyes, the animations are also very smooth, the character movements in the game are quite fluid making it so much fun to play, the music and sounds are also cool, the in game music is as lighthearted as ever which contributes to the fun in playing the game, the sound effects are also varied, kinda goofy actually and really very nice, the special effects are as beautiful as ever, everything seems to be really cool in this game, overall, the HD graphics truly made the experience worthwhile, especially if you have one of those high end devices.


Bad Piggies HD although spawned from the Angry Birds, the gameplay if really far from it, there are no firing of slingshots here, but you do have to help the bad piggies fly, in each of the levels, you will be presented with different problems, you’ll be given a variety of materials by which you need to construct a flying machine…sort of, and you need to help them piggies fly off…sort of, anyway, if you successfully get them to their destination to the end of the level, you will be rewarded with stars, the better you perform, the more stars you will receive, one star being the lowest and three stars being the highest.


Bad Piggies HD features stunning HD graphics, it has very pretty character designs, there are more than 200 levels in the game, including 40 bonus levels if you get 3 stars in the levels, there are also a lot of flying material you can use and it has simple controls to make the game easier to play.


Bad Piggies HD is quite fun to play, it is quite a challenge too, especially if you are gunning for 3 stars, check it out, this is really fun.


Download Bad Piggies Game (Android & iOS)

Free Bad Piggies Game (Android & iOS)