Bacon May Die ⚔️ Fighting Game Android

Bacon May Die ⚔️ Fighting Game Android

Bacon May Die ⚔️ Fighting Game bySnoutUp Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Join the mortal combat with Bacon May Die – insanely fun fighting game, where a little pig warrior must face hordes of bacon hungry zombie bunnies and battle evil creatures of the forest for its survival.

This beat em up game lets you fight like a ninja hero using crazy melee weapons with an option to spice up the action by slowing time and raining bullets on your enemies in cool shooting mode, which will make you feel like an action movie star.

🔥 epic battle between the bacon and evil
🔥 endless running, fighting and shooting game action
🔥 huge arsenal of deadly weapons and guns
🔥 fun mortal combat vs zombie bunnies
🔥 funny character outfits
🔥 cool slow motion fighting mechanics

If you’re looking for a fun fighting game, where you could knock off zombie heads off with a baseball bat and shoot up their bodies with a minigun, then Bacon May Die is a perfect running and fighting game for you! It’s a 2D fighting game with blood, auto running and fun shooting mechanics with slow motion action. Multiple guns and melee weapons are available to fight zombies with and smooth touch controls will bring up the fighting action to eleven with insane ninja combo chains.

Fighting zombies in this fun beat em up game is best job for a deadly ninja warrior pig with fatal fight skills and a degree in kung fu hero action! With simple taps you can do sick combos and keep your baseball bat swinging at silly zombie bunny mobs, bomber heads, angry hog mini bosses and skeleton warriors. Use swipes to roll under the enemy attacks or ninja dash in and out of the dangerous mortal combat distance to avoid damage. Master the slow motion gun shooting to keep your bacon in safe distance from the deadly attacks.

Bacon May Die gives you a huge arsenal of funny weapons to use during the mortal combat against zombies in this 2D fighting and shooting game for boys. It includes sword fighting, swinging baseball bat, crushing enemy skulls with a hammer, breaking skeleton warrior bones with an axe and, of course, what zombie fighting game would this be without a chainsaw! If close combat isn’t fun for you, then rain bullet hell over your enemies from a safe distance with a minigun or UZI, release bees from the beehive or air strike them from above with a bazooka rocket launcher. If nothing works, then bring out the most iconic ranged zombie killing weapon – shotgun and spill the blood and guts all other the combat arena!

Many crazy features are planned for the future of this free 2D shooting and fighting game for boys, like more deadly weapons to use in your fatal fight vs zombies, more close combat arenas to continue epic battle in, many more enemies to challenge your run and gun game skills and a lot of funny unlockable outfits. Feel free to send suggestions for all these future features!

Bacon May Die belongs to best fighting games for boys of age 18 to 21 because of high content of blood and cartoon gore. All game violence is humorous and very unrealistic, but very fun to see and cause while playing this fun run and gun game.

SnoutUp is a solo indie game developer from Lithuania, who made Iron Snout, Cave Blast, Toaster Swipe and other fun and free games. If you’re looking for another bacon related 2D fighting game with endless mortal combat, then you should definitely test your pig kung fu skills in Iron Snout! All games are developed using GameMaker:Studio engine.


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