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In 2017, Avenger Legends the absolute blast, and a much-anticipated RPG masterpiece is NOW available on Google Play!
Start a brand new journey in the world of Avenger Legends, and save the whole continent that fell apart! Advance! Play together with millions of players in a Tech and Magic world, by building a powerful team of heroes, fight against Evil Emperor of Hiro with your wisdom and skills.
Feature 1: Tons of heroes and Flexible ways of battle
Characteristic heroes are divided into three different camps. Flexible strategies for different battles could be best realized. Players can operate their heroes and unleash skills. A proper operation will make your game easier and more fun!
Feature 2: Variety of PVE mode, Instance and Adventure Instance
A variety of PVE combat modes are available, while heroes of different camps need deploying with smart strategy. You’ can also trigger Adventure Instance while fighting in stages. Fight against various heroes in Adventure Instances to obtain rare hero fragments!
Features 3: Bounty Hunter and Carnival at Casino
You can send heroes to complete Bounty Missions. There is no hero of no use. Each hero can be applied here or there and earns great fortune for you. Casino is the paradise for gamblers. It may rewards a great deal of items at a very small price. Irresistible, isn’t it?
Features 4: Fierce Competition and Team-up for adventure
You can test your power in Arena, compete against friends or enemies and climbs up the leader-board. You can take adventures to volcano with your friends. Rich gameplay awaits.
Feature 5: Instant feedback system with Response in a short time.
You can submit a feedback by means of the GM feature in game, our support team is ready for helping you. It would be much appreciated that you could submit the detailed info of the issue and screenshot. In case that the in-game help system doesn’t suffice, please contact our customer service at al_feedback@droidhang.com. We will be happy to help you.

Require internet connection : YES
Size : 91 mb

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