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Defend your country against monsters and savage creatures in epic battles.
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A crowd of monsters and savages beings from another world began to invade Earth and kill people. The last hope of the country is … You !!! You are the commander of unit 2 supoer soldiers that can stop the invasion. You can end this war … But it will be an epic battle.
You survice … what happens!

Lead your team to victory. You have a lot of different weapons available soldiers, pistol, machine gun, bazooka, rifle, sniper rifle, a Kalashnikov, flamethrower, rocket launcher, heavy weapons, rifles, large Bertha, bombs, barbed wire, mines, sandbags, Tower defense .. . and more

Each weapon has different characteristics and you have to play smart to beat the ennemy. Make sure that the enemies do not pass your defense, or it will be the end of life on earth …

• epic battles with lots of surprises
• Build your defenses at an unbeatable fortress
• Change your weapon
• Hours of gameplay with over 40 levels
• 60 weapons and unlockable bonus
• Compare your score with your friends and compete with them
• Leaders


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