Archenemy – Idle RPG Android

Archenemy – Idle RPG Android

Archenemy – Idle RPG by Architec Games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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◈Game Features◈

1. Graphical Evolution of Idle Games
First-ever idle game in full 3D!
Numerous camera angles mean twice the fun!

2. Powerful combos activate without control input!
60+ combos that target high and low locations, with various combo trees
Powerful action-fest of air chains, chase chains, low chains, etc., that activate when
you simply equip them!

3. Obtain the Mythical Tier 7 equipment!
Numerous colors and weapon/outfit designs in full 3D
Anyone can evolve equipment gained from monster loots and the shop to the fullest

4. Pillage others and feel good about it!
Tired of just watching the game? Then pillage other players when you need resources
for enhancement, or when you just want to prove your prowess!
Pillage and pillage to enhance…to pillage more!

5. Select a character of your choice!
Lexy the Sexy Fighter and Sharyn the Genius Girl!
Switch between two distinctly different combatants with vastly different personalities

6. Hardcore mode’s bosses await your challenge!
No health recoveries and no continues
Test the limits of your character!

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