Animal Hunting Forest Shooter (by Top Action & Fighting Games)

Download Animal Hunting Forest Shooter (by Top Action & Fighting Games) for Android…

Players driving the vehicle in the jungle, after encountering the target animal, you can use the firearms to kill it!

The game offers you 12 different hunting scenes that let you shoot animals around the world without leaving home!

You can experience the quick hunting in the speeding motorboat and buggy!

Game Features:

◆ 3 modes of levels: trials of hunter, dangerous hunting levels, treasure animal hunting levels;
◆ 24 different firearms, including: pistols, automatic rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades;
◆ 6 species of wild animals can let you kill: deer, grizzly bear, wolf, antelope, cheetah, lion;
◆ The most realistic 3D images that simulate the nature and state of life of hunting scenes and wildlife;
◆ No network limitation;
◆ Easy to play, suitable for boys and girls of all ages.


◆ Click on the left and right side of the screen of the mobile keys to control the gun move left and right;
◆ Click the lower left corner of the target to enter aiming mode;
◆ In the aiming mode, slide the middle of the screen slide button to adjust the magnification;
◆ Click the two lower left throw button to throw grenades attack or use coolant;
◆ Click on the lower right corner of the infrared aiming button dedicated night vision mode;
◆ Click the lower right corner of the shooting button to shoot;
◆ Click the reload button to supplement the bullet.

This is a thrilling hunting trip! Install it on your mobile phone if you are interested in the hunting game!

Together with your friends, accept all kinds of difficult hunting challenges!

Join our hunting team quickly and shoot these wild animals fleeing!