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Angry Birds: Space Game (Android & iOS) Free

These wacky birds are about to venture in the dark and vast corners of space to defeat the Bad Piggies. Call the other birds for a war in space in this puzzle and physics Angry Birds: Space Visit each planet and the finish the challenges there. You just need to launch your Angry Birds team and make sure the Bad Piggies are eliminated. The fewer the shots you will make, the bigger the points will be given to you at the end of the level. The game also features other playable characters and cool attacks using the laws of gravity.

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Angry Birds Space is a fun and exciting angry birds sequel, but this time around, the setting will be in outer space where the gravity will be at play…or none at all, there are 10 planets available in the game like Earth, Mercury, Venus, the Moon, and many more, giving you a total of 300+ challenging levels for you to play, it’ll be fun but it’s not going to be easy as the gravity will surely affect your shots, just like before, you still need to calculate trajectories, be careful though as if you put too much power on your shots, the birds will over shoot, you’ll miss your target and the bird will float off to outer space, there are new characters in the game by the way, each one of them having their own unique abilities that you can use to topple your targets, use them accordingly and you won’t have a problem, although the gameplay is very much the same as the earlier releases, this game seems to have some puzzle elements on it which is quite nice as it makes the game a little more challenging than the usual, so come on and play the game, see if you ave what it takes to conquer the bad piggies in space here in Angry Birds Space.

Graphics and Sound

Angry Birds Space has stunning graphics, the character designs presented in the game are as pretty as ever, the environments are also great, the different locations feature different looks, although they have pretty much the same backdrops, the foregrounds do change depending on the planet you’re in, the colors are great by the way, all the characters and objects that you’ll see in the game have very nice colors, they really look vivid and sharp providing a very nice contrast against the rather dark backgrounds, the animations are also cool, the movements are smooth, the gravity effect in the game looks really pretty and looks as fluid as it can get, everything seems to be moving smoothly here, the music and sounds are great too, the game’s soundtrack is as great as ever and really adds up to the fun in playing the game while the sound effects are also cool, somewhat goofy but really nice, special efects are great too, the special visuals looks really stunning and definitely makes the game a lot prettier, overall, the game really looks great, designed in the tradition of the angry birds you have grown to love over the years.


Angry Birds Space has pretty much the same gameplay compared to the earlier releases, you still need to use the bird as ammo and fire them via a slingshot, and just like before, you still need to calculate trajectories, but you need to be careful with the power of the shots as the outer space and the other planets have varying gravity, you need to make adjustments as soon as you encounter them, the controls are pretty much the same too, and if you have played the earlier releases of the game, you’ll definitely be at home here.


Angry Birds Space features beautiful graphics, the character designs are really cute, it is set in outer space where gravity is at play…or not at all, there are 10 planets available, with over 300 levels total, there are also new characters in the game, with cool special abilities of their own, and the game has easy controls for you to enjoy.


Angry Birds Space is really fun, the gameplay may be the same but this one is really more challenging, check it out guys.


Download Angry Birds: Space Game (Android & iOS)

Free Angry Birds: Space Game (Android & iOS)