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Angry Birds Slingshot Stella Game (Android & iOS) Free

This pretty little bird is in trouble because they are being bullied by a Bad Princess. You will need to recruit your allies and defeat her bad piggies in this puzzle and physics game called Angry Birds: Slingshot Stella. Just like your usual Angry Birds game, you just need to launch Stella the bird and defeat the bad piggies cowering inside the structures. If the enemies are far from her, you can use Stella’s ability to hit the enemies faster. As you progress on higher levels, you will unlock other characters with unique abilities to defeat the army of bad piggies.

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Angry Birds Slingshot Stella is a fun and exciting arcade type game in the tradition of the angry birds, Stella, the pink angry bird, and the heroine of the game, went to the golden island with Willow, Dahlia, Poppy, and Luca, they had plans to explore the entire island using the map that they found, but upon reaching the island, Gale, also an angry bird, together with her bad piggy minions tried to spoil the fun by stealing the map, so Stella and her friends plotted to steal back the map and spoil whatever Gale is planning, this is where you come in, you need to help Stella and her friends stop whatever Gale and the bad piggies are planning up their sleave, the game features more than 120 levels for you to play, all in the tradition of the original angry birds game where you need to use the birds as ammo and then fire them on a slingshot to topple the structures that the bad piggies have created, it’s not going to be easy but it sure is going to be fun, so come on and join this little adventure, take control of Stella and her friends and try to spoil Gale’s evil plans…to find the golden egg, here in Angry Birds Slingshot Stella.

Graphics and Sound

Angry Birds Slingshot Stella has very nice graphics, the character designs presented in the game are pretty and really cuddly, the character details are nice too…although there’s not much on them really besides their heads and beaks…they really look very attractive, the environments in the game are very pretty, the different locations presented in the game have varied designs, landscapes are great and vegetation is lush, the colors are also very cool to the eyes as the colors used are truly vivid and sharp, the animations are also very smooth, from the firing of the slingshots to the crumbling of the towers, the animations of the moving parts really look fluid, the music and sounds are also great, the game’s soundtrack is very nice and cool to listen to, and the sound effects used have variety and sounds really funny adding to the fun in playing the game, special effects are also very nice, the bird’s special abilities give off pretty visuals when used in the game making it really exciting to play, overall, the game is as stunning as ever, very pretty from the designs to the presentations.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stella is pretty much the same in gameplay compared to the earlier releases, the game’s mechanics didn’t change besides the new characters and some added features, you still need to fling the birds using a slingshot to topple some weird constructs made by the bad piggies, the game may look quite the same but this one’s definitely more challenging and more fun, controls in the game is still as simple as ever, you only need to tap and hold on the screen to fire the shots, you need to aim perfectly though, and need to use the right bird with the right ability for the job.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stella features very beautiful graphic designs and presentations, there are different locations for you to explore with more than 120 levels for you to beat, there are new characters in the game with new and cooler abilities for you to try and it has fairly the same controls as the earlier releases to make it easier and more fun for everyone.


Angry Birds Slingshot Stella is very nice and fun to play, if you are a fan of the angry birds franchise, this game is a must play for you, check it out.


Download Angry Birds Slingshot Stella Game (Android & iOS)

Free Angry Birds Slingshot Stella Game (Android & iOS)