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Become the finest soldier fit for war in this action-packed mobile game. Spray your bullets against your enemies here in Alpha Guns. This game is a nice combination of shooting and action genres with some added side-scrolling elements. Select a character and start your raid on each level. Move your character on the track and start shooting the monsters or robots you will encounter. The game also features cool weapons that you can obtain to increase your firepower. Special powers can be obtained too so you can defeat big bosses. The game will also offer other characters to unlock and play.

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Alpha Guns features an action packed adventure game where you get to battle the evil army and try to stop the evil army’s evil plans of chaos and destruction, the game features a variety of cool weaponry for you to use against the marauding forces, they range from pistols, assault rifles machine guns and many more, there are also 5 cool characters for you to choose from and different locations where you can battle the enemies, like deserts, mountains, cities and many more. It is going to be so much fun indeed, and you’ll be in the middle of all of it. You can’t be too cocky though as powerful and well equipped you may be but so is the evil army, their number is seemingly endless and they will throw all sorts of enemies at you. You’ll be battling soldiers, tanks, attack helicopters, fighter planes and even monsters, that’s besides the fact that they come from all directions, and if you don’t shoot accurately, the enemies will overwhelm you for good. Not to worry too much though as there are a lot of in game help that you can get, like those bonuses and those powerful weaponry that you can grab, and if you’re careful enough, you just might thwart the evil army’s evil plans and save the world from destruction. Lock and load, cock your weapons and get ready to slug it out with the enemies here in Alpha Guns.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s graphic designs are cartoony, they look nice though and kinda detailed too, the designs also seem varied, especially on the enemy side, you’ll be seeing all sorts of war machines, enemy units and even monsters that look more like aliens equipped with human weaponry. The environments are also great, each one of the locations featured have a variety of designs and really look different from each other, The colors are also great, the game looks quite sharp and vivid from start to finish, even the color blending looks really soft and cool to the eyes. movements and animations are also pretty, the animations are fluid, from the enemy movements to the weapon fire, the controls too are great, the characters are quite responsive and very nice to move around. Music and sounds are cool too, the music is very nice and certainly makes the game more fun while the sound effect seem varied enough lessening the boredom and makes the battle really exciting. SFX is nice too, weapon fire and explosions are beautiful and so are the other effects. Overall, it looks really pretty, the cartoon styled graphics are very nice and the designs are truly varied and look really awesome.


The game is really action packed, the enemies will attack you from all directions, there are also lots of cool and powerful weaponry in the game and lots of bonuses too, the available weaponry and your precise shooting skills will be more than enough to defeat all the enemies that the evil army will throw at you. Controls are also great, it is very easy to use and really responsive, really great for everyone to try.


Alpha Guns has some cartoony and pretty graphic style and presentations, there are 5 cool characters for you to choose from, a variety of locations for you to slug it out with the enemies, lots of guns and other cool weaponry and a lot of enemies for you to eliminate.


This is really fun, I really enjoyed slugging it out with the variety of enemies featured here, you should definitely check this one out.