Alive Rules : Fire On (by GunBattle&ZombieShooters Games Inc)

Download Alive Rules : Fire On (by GunBattle&ZombieShooters Games Inc) for Android…

Welcome to the arena of death spread, hero, please do your best to save the world.

Alive Rules : Fire On is a thrilling zombie war game. Don’t expect easy zombies in this field. Every shot is a matter of life and death, and zombie attacks are almost unstoppable. Are you ready to be the ultimate zombie assassin, to stop the wave of the dead and become the ultimate combat killer?

When you wake up, you’ve been dumped on a huge desert island. On this deserted island, you have no teammates, not even a single survivor. You are all alone by yourself. Defeat all the enemies and become the ultimate survivor, and you will be able to get out of this deserted island.

You should explore the rural suburbs of this deserted island. In this battle of death and overrun by zombie viruses, you need to be alert at all times to deal with the Mutant zombies. If you are infected with zombies, there will be no survivors on this desert island.

It’s a global new zombie apocalypse. Only those who survive to the end can fight with the most powerful zombies ultimately. No team player is not scary. The gun is your most loyal friend, aiming, shooting, firing, and letting the zombies get scared. Control your sniper rifle, clear all the obstacles ahead, and the precision of the shot determines the difference between the living and the dead.

Upgrade your Arsenal. Only the hero is strong enough to be invincible in this battle field. You have no way out, you can only go forward. It’s not just a game, it’s a deadly fight. Do not attempt to run or escape. No one will let go of a coward. Pick up the arms, prepare for the fire, and get the hope of survival in the simplest possible way.

Heroes, please start your battles. Survival or Dead, depending on whether you are still hesitating. To be a true hero and the only survivor in this doomsday.

A variety of game levels
Perfect 3D scene
Strong fire support
The desire to live and fight