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Alice Transforms Android Android

Alice Transforms by ZPLAY games . (ANDROID/iOS/iphone/ipad)
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Alice :Transforms is a mobile action game with an innovative “”character-transformation”” system.
In this game,enemies keep popping up from the bottom , Alice needs to escape from the mirror world by defeating them to avoid falling down.
In order to go home, Alice has to break through layers of mirrors among the journey.
Everytime Alice pass through a mirror, she will transform to a new form and unlock new items.
Players can also upgrade and unlock different forms of Alice.
The times of Alice’s transforms increases in a single gameplay if players unlock more Alice’s forms.

Inspired by the famous stories written by Lewis Carroll -Alice Through the looking glass and Alice in the Wonderland,
many interesting items can be used in Alice:Transforms.
For instance, a pocket watch to stop the time , the Eat me Cake enlarges Alice and the Drink me Potion to make Alice smaller etc.
Items would be unlocked according to players’ progression, gradually enrichs players’experience.

With original enemies and Alice’s forms,
Alice :Transforms expects to bring a smooth and addicting gameplay to players , therefore there’s no extra-loading scenes in game.
Moreover, it’s a simple One-Touch control game, allows every mobile users to enjoy this game as soon as possible.

Require internet connection : NO
Size :

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