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Build the most feared empire of warriors and defend yourself from attacking enemies here in Age of Sparta; a simple yet challenging strategy and simulation mobile game. You must construct buildings inside your land and each of these buildings can give you materials and other things you will need to create new buildings. You will also need to train soldiers. Use the taxes collected to train soldiers with different abilities. New types of soldiers can be unlocked as you progress and level up your buildings. Be sure to form your formation well when you launch an attack or else you might lose.

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Age of Sparta features an intense and exciting action strategy game with elements of town building, the story goes that the mighty Xerxes and his vast army of ruthless warriors are invading Greece, and it will be up to you as the commander of the greek army to defend the land from the invading enemies, there are a variety of units for you to recruit, ranging from the most powerful warriors in the land to mythical beasts and monsters, you can even call upon the gods of Olympus to help you against Xerxes, like Zeus and Hades to name a couple, it will not be easy though as Xerxes and his army of marauding brutes are very powerful really massive when it comes to numbers, Xerxes name alone is enough to instill fear in the hearts of men, indeed, it is going to be a battle of epic proportions where only the most powerful and skilled warrior can survive, the game features beautiful structures for you to build, train your troops and upgrade their abilities, you can also build temples and halls to glorify the gods so you can summon them and unleash their wrath at the enemies, so are you up to the challenge?, do you have what it takes to be a general and command a vast army of powerful warriors and face off against an even bigger army?, play the game and find out for yourself here in Age of Sparta.

Graphics and Sound

Age of Sparta features stunning graphics, it has awesome character designs with very high details, whether it be gods or men or even mythical beasts, they all look very pretty, the environments in the game are also quite stunning, the different locations in the game have very nice details and intricate designs that are quite typical of greek architecture, the colors are also great, it is simply bursting with very nice colors that look vivid and sharp, animations are also very smooth, the movements of characters and other moving parts are really fluid and very nice, everything seems to be animated properly, the music and sounds in the game are also great, the game’s music is exciting and quite engaging while the sound effects used are also engaging and quite varied, the special effects in the game are splendid by the way, the special visuals are truly spectacular and really very nice to look at, overall, the game looks really stunning, whether it be the designs or the presentations used.


Age of Sparta is first and foremost a strategy game, it has elements of town building and combat, you need to put up structures that harvest resources and then use those resources to build everything else, ranging from structures that generate troops, upgrade shops and many more, combat on the other hand has you going through the campaign on your own, or you can make alliances with other players to battle other alliances, there are requirements though, and you need to meet those requirements first before you can join an alliance and engage in combat.


Age of Sparta has stunning graphics, it has awesome character designs and architecture, there are different kinds of troops for you to recruit and train and a lot of structures to build, and the game features simple and easy to use tap controls to make the game easier and more fun to play.


Age of Sparta is quite fun and really challenging, it is really not that easy as there are a lot of things for you do and consider, but this is really cool and fun to play, try it and have some fun.


Download Age of Sparta Game (Android & iOS)

Free Age of Sparta Game (Android & iOS)